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Secure browsing with Hexnode kiosk browser

iOS kiosk browser

Whitelist websites

Restrict user access to only those websites that are whitelisted in the Hexnode portal. All other websites will be blacklisted and denied access to.

Access web apps

Securely launch web-based applications with Hexnode browser Lite. Webpages that are accessed using web apps do not have to be whitelisted.

Multi app mode

Devices can be locked down to a single web app or multiple web apps. While in multi app mode, the web apps can be easily accessed from within the kiosk browser.

Data security

Locking down devices to those webpages that the enterprise approves to be safe ensures that the user device is not exposed to malwares, viruses and trojans.

secure browsing

Restricted browsing

Disabled address bar to restrict the user to browse within the web apps and external links within the web apps, if whitelisted.

Remote management

Complete management of device lock down without ever touching the device. Web app kiosk configurations and browser settings can be achieved remotely.

User productivity

Denying access to webpages, like social media, that may cause distraction can help improve employee productivity.

Secure browsing

Restricted access to web pages and limited user activity in the kiosk environment ensures maximum browser security.

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