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Setting up App Inventory in Hexnode MDM

Hexnode app inventory contains the variant types of apps. You can sort them by app name, publisher, category, platform, price, license type, version name, version code and the number of devices on which the app is installed. You can also search or delete a specific app.

To add apps to the inventory, click on the +Add Apps button. It provides 5 options to add apps:

  1. Store App
  2. Web App
  3. Enterprise App
  4. With Bundle ID
  5. Managed Google App

Choose any of the options listed above. Follow the steps to add relevant data corresponding to the option selected. Choose the apps you wish to include in the inventory and click Add. The newly added apps will be listed in your app inventory.

You can filter the apps based on category, app platform, app type and license type.

Setting up App Inventory in Hexnode MDM

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