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Setting up App Inventory

The App Inventory is the repository for all your apps added inside Hexnode. Hexnode UEM supports the addition of platform-exclusive store apps, custom enterprise apps, web apps and Managed Google apps. Once added, these apps can be deployed to your enrolled devices via a remote action or by associating a policy. The App Inventory can be accessed by clicking Apps on your portal, the apps are listed under the Apps sub-tab (selected by default) along with options to filter, sort or search the list.

How to add apps to App Inventory?

To add apps, click on the +Add Apps button under the Apps tab. It provides 5 options to add apps:

  1. Store App
  2. Web App
  3. Enterprise App
  4. With Bundle ID
  5. Managed Google App

Choose any of the options listed above. Add relevant data corresponding to each of them and click Add. The newly added apps will be listed in your app inventory.


  1. The app list can be sorted by App name, Publisher, Category, Platform, Price, Latest Version, Version Code, License, App Type, No. of Devices and Upload Status.
  2. The list can also be filtered on the basis of App Type, App Category, License Type, Upload Status and App Platform.

The app inventor page is highly configurable and provides an overview of the apps added.

To edit the columns shown on the App Inventory table, press the Edit-columns button (Pencil icon). This will bring up a pop-up window with all available columns applicable to the app table. Check or uncheck columns as required and confirm by clicking OK.

To filter the App Inventory list, enable the checkbox for the options to apply, one at a time. The page will refresh automatically with the updated list.

To search for an app, type the app name in the search-bar and press Enter or click on the Search icon.

How to delete apps from app inventory?

  1. Navigate to Apps.
  2. Select the apps which are to be deleted from the App Inventory.
  3. Click on the Delete button.
  4. Confirm your action by entering your password.

Deleting an app from App Inventory will also remove the app from all the App Groups. The policies already deployed with these app groups will automatically remove the app from the associated groups.