MDM Geofencing

The virtual fences for securing your devices


Geofencing - The region based control

Geofence - as the name suggests, is a geographical fence that is virtually created over an area to define the restrictions and policies for devices through the MDM. Since MDM can be used to configure a variety of restrictions, it’s only fair to have one based on location. Geofencing is a powerful security feature which proves to be very useful when corporate devices with critical corporate data roam around the world.

geographical fence
Complete control

With geofencing, Hexnode MDM gives the enterprise complete control over the corporate device all over the world.

Tight security

The user, device and now location based security from Hexnode basically covers all the aspects of security .

Why Geofencing?

The basic idea about geofencing is to secure the corporate data in devices which crosses over insecure border lines - thus creating safe zones and not so safe zones. In order to secure the data, appropriate policies with restrictions need to be associated with the device based on their location. Say, the device could be wiped or locked or certain provisions can be taken away from them.

Why Geofencing?

Locate, Group and Manage

Hexnode MDM groups the devices which has entered the fence and let the enterprise associate a policy to that group. Once a policy is assigned to the group, the rest of the procedure is automatic. Hexnode finds the device location by periodic location scans. The dynamic group is also updated periodically. In addition to the dynamic grouping of devices, the geofence can be applied to a policy too. When a device enters the restricted region defined by the policy, it will appear as non-compliant on the console.

Locate, Group and Manage
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