Kyocera MDM

The ultimate 360°protection for enterprise mobility


Secure mobile workforce with enterprise-grade devices and EMM

Designed for work

The Kyocera devices are designed to endure severe conditions at work, not just physical but digital too.

Complete protection

The tough exterior protects the device and the MDM protects the data in the device ensuring complete protection.

Risk-free mobility

The combined protection offered by the device design and MDM makes Kyocera devices totally secure the business.

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Enterprise-ready mobile devices

The rugged smart phones from Kyocera enables businesses to be more productive and efficient. The DuraForce devices are designed to endure severe work environment. The devices are dust-proof, waterproof and noise-proof along with being user-friendly in tough work conditions. Kyocera also comes with its own SDK for Enterprise Mobility Management. This solution paints the complete picture of security of the Kyocera devices. Third party MDMs can integrate with this SDK for supporting Kyocera devices. The main EMM functions offered by Kyocera devices are

  • Device encryption and security
  • Advanced VPN settings
  • Advanced Exchange ActiveSync configuration
  • Advanced Mobile Device Management functions

Hexnode MDM for Kyocera

Integrating with Kyocera EMM SDK, Hexnode now supports advanced management features offered exclusively by Kyocera devices. The solution includes many device restrictions, advanced application management features, network settings, location features etc. The Kyocera devices which are enrolled in Hexnode MDM will support all the advanced features that are integrated with the MDM. Unlike iOS, this vendor specific functionalities does not require any additional configurations for implementing the advanced EMM features. The advanced features prevent data leakage from the work devices. The management of Kyocera devices in a corporate environment is easier since the enterprise has more control over the devices. The user involvement is minimal in this case which makes device management more efficient.