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How to renew Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Token?

The Device Enrollment Program or DEP is Apple’s legacy enrollment program. DEP is now a part of Apple Business Manager (ABM) along with Volume Purchase Program (VPP).
While enrolling an Apple device via DEP, the DEP server token obtained from the ABM portal is uploaded to Hexnode MDM. This token has a validity of one year, after which a new DEP token is to be uploaded to continue having access to DEP from Hexnode. The DEP account, configuration profiles, DEP devices, and sync options work only as long as the token is active. When the DEP token is about to get expired, a banner is displayed in the Hexnode portal, indicating that the DEP token is nearing expiry. Also, the user can always check the expiry date of the DEP account in Hexnode portal by navigating to Admin > Apple DEP > DEP Accounts.


  • If the Hexnode subscription license has expired, the DEP account cannot be synced from the Hexnode portal. The subscription plan has to be renewed first.
  • The DEP server token must be renewed using the same Apple ID that was used to generate it initially.
  • The DEP token will also have to be renewed if the Apple ID of the user who downloaded the DEP token is changed.

Renewing Apple DEP token

Following are the steps by which Apple DEP token can be updated:

  1. Login to Apple Business Manager.
  2. At the bottom left corner of the page, click on Settings.
  3. Under MDM Servers, select the respective server.
  4. MDM server page in ABM

  5. Click on Download Token. A dialogue box stating “Downloading a new server token will reset your existing one” will be displayed. Choose Download server token.
  6. Now, in the Hexnode portal, navigate to Admin > Apple DEP > DEP Accounts. Move the cursor to the right end of the server name and an edit button will appear. Click on that button.
  7. Edit DEP account page in Hexnode MDM portal

  8. The “Edit DEP Account” page will now appear. Click on the Choose file button adjoining to Upload Token. Upload the newly downloaded token here. Click Save. This process extends DEP validity by another year.