How to enable MDM Kiosk Browser for Android devices

The secure kiosk browser from Hexnode MDM enables safe browsing by restricting access to a few websites which are permitted by the enterprise. The advantages of secure browser are:

  • The browser only opens the whitelisted URLs or web apps that are added to the kiosk mode.
  • The browser can be hidden from the users.
  • The admin can add all the web apps (URLs) that are used by the employees in different teams or departments and hide these web apps from view.
  • Multi tabbed browsing.

Links to download the Hexnode kiosk browser

Link to download the apk:
Link to the Hexnode browser app in play store:

Enable secure browser

  1. Go to Policies > New Policy > Kiosk settings.
  2. Select Single App Mode or Multi App Mode under Android Kiosk Mode.
  3. Whitelist all the apps that you need including web apps.
  4. Select Hexnode Browser Settings, click Configure and select Enable Multi-tabbed Browsing. You can choose to make the browse icon visible or not in the device.
  5. Go to Policy Targets.
  6. Click on +Add devices and select the devices you want to assign the policies to. You can also assign the policy to users, groups or domains.
  7. Click Save.

    When you enable Multi-tabbed browsing, the Hexnode browser will get downloaded to the device and ask to install.


    The web browser and web view

    Even if there is no browser enabled, you will be able to open the web app with Hexnode’s web view. But there are limitations to web view such as no address bar, inability to upload any file etc. This is why you will need Hexnode browser which is a proper web browser but more secure.

    To identify web view: When you open a web app, you will be able to see a green loading bar at the top with no address bar on the page.

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