How to enable MDM Kiosk Browser for Android devices

The secure browser or Kiosk browser is provided by Hexnode MDM for safe browsing in the internet with unsafe or inappropriate contents blocked, allowing only appropriate content for the work environment.

The browser only opens the whitelisted URLs or web apps that are added to the kiosk mode. The web apps can be then hidden from the home screen. The main advantage of using the Kiosk browser is that, there only need one policy for every teams or department in an enterprise. The admin can add all the web apps (URLs) that are used by the employees in different teams or departments and hide these web apps from view. The users can access the ones they want, and cannot access the other apps unless they know the URL.

The APK for the browser will be provided to the customer and they need to upload it as an enterprise app to Hexnode MDM.

To add secure browser as an enterprise app

  1. Go to Admin → App settings.
  2. Select +Add apps → Enterprise app.
  3. Select the platform.

Add this app to the kiosk mode. Find out how to add an enterprise app to Kiosk mode here.

Once added, the devices will have Hexnode Browser download link. Just click on the icon and the browser will get installed.

Find out how to hide apps in Android Kiosk mode here.

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