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Single App Mode

Seamlessly transform your Windows 10 devices into kiosks by locking down the devices to a single UWP app. This ensures that the user cannot access other apps, change device settings or do any other task outside the app. Single app kiosk lockdown is Ideal for public use.

Multi App Mode

Lock down your Windows devices to a set of specific UWP apps. This is ideal for devices that are shared by multiple people.

Assigned Access

Kiosk lockdown configurations use Assigned Access feature to run the app above the lock screen. The app launches automatically when the kiosk account signs in.

Auto-launch Apps

Auto launches the same app every time the device reboots.
Windows Kiosk Management

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Location tracking and Geofencing

Track device locations in real time. Configure geofence to restrict access to corporate data, device features, apps and so on based on the device location. Control the behavior of devices as they move in and out of the geofence.

Silent App Installation

Enforce apps to be silently installed on devices by setting the apps as mandatory.

Control Device Settings

Control access to camera, configure Cortana voice assistant settings, basic device settings, allow/deny access to storage card and more with Hexnode MDM.
Hexnode Windows Kiosk Management