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Okta Integration

Okta integration Hexnode MDM

Cloud-based identity management for enhanced security

Hexnode’s integration with Okta ensures protection to the organization by securing and managing access to corporate resources and applications with its cloud-based solution. Organizations can easily onboard devices to Hexnode with Okta since the users can use their own Okta directory credentials for enrolling.

Easy access

Easily access corporate resources and applications with single credentials

Validate identities

Validate the user identities in the organization to ensure data protection.

Secure data

Secure corporate data by providing controlled access to the employees.

Okta Integration with Hexnode


Okta’s universal directory enables managing the organization’s user base and control all the user identities

Secure identity and access management with Okta and Hexnode

Hexnode and Okta

The integration with Okta imparts ability to configure Okta directory seamlessly with Hexnode and manage the organizations identities efficiently

  • Enhanced user enrollment

    The integration of Okta with Hexnode, enhances user enrollment by replacing MDM credentials with Okta credentials for device onboarding

  • Efficient validation of identities

    Okta enables Hexnode to validate and secure access to corporate resources and applications from any user identity

  • Single sign on for applications

    With Okta, users can sign in to corporate applications using the Okta credentials making resource access easy.

  • Multi factor login for technicians

    Okta enables multi factor authentication in various forms such as OTP, passwords, security questions etc. to validate access and secure corporate data