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Delivering complete control

Hexnode provides developers complete control over their apps like configure, install, update and removal.
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No more waiting for approval

The developers can distribute their apps whenever they want without any waiting and working for approval from the app store.
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Enhanced distribution

The apps can be distributed based on their version to different user or device groups, making a thorough testing environment for developers.

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Distribute app without app store with Hexnode MDM

App Distribution with Hexnode MDM gives app developers a platform to safely and securely distribute mobile apps to users in your network. Apps delivered through App Distribution can be configured and managed wirelessly. This distribution and management works with all types of apps, including custom, off-the-shelf, public, and most importantly, apps still in the development stage.

Hexnode MDM enables developers to have complete control over the delivered apps. Developers can configure, install, update, and remove apps whenever needed over the air. Apps can be distributed by version to select groups of users or devices for a greater testing experience. App Distribution with Hexnode MDM is simplicity and full control in one solution.

Simple, Safe, and Secure App Distribution

Simple, Safe, and Secure App Distribution

Distributing app without app store using Hexnode MDM is a simple, streamlined process, from start to finish. Developers can easily roll-out mobile apps from one interface without ever having to touch enrolled devices. And with Hexnode, you maintain control of the app configuration for as long as it remains installed. This assures that the integrity the app under development, the devices on which the app is installed, and the system the devices are tied to all stay secure.
Public and Enterprise Apps

Public and Enterprise Apps

Hexnode MDM makes App Distribution all-inclusive. Developers can use a combination of public apps right alongside ones they have developed, as well as ones currently in development. Apps can be made available from a public store or from their own portal and then configure them to meet a series of tailored policies. Also, no more featuring the apps in a public app store for distribution, Hexnode MDM lets you deploy them straight to the user devices. Either way, you can manage the apps wirelessly while keeping devices and the network secure.
App Distribution for Beta Testing

App Distribution for Beta Testing and Clinical Trials

Hexnode MDM with App Distribution is the perfect solution for beta testing and clinical trials. Hexnode MDM makes it easy for developers to distribute apps that are still in the testing phase because they have complete, wireless control over the app on all devices that have it installed. Change configurations, push upgrades, do all the testing that you need to do in order develop the best app possible without ever having to physically touch the devices involved in the test.
Enterprise App Catalog

Enterprise App Catalog

With Hexnode MDM, developers can create an Enterprise App Catalog to distribute mobile apps to their network of users. This secure platform makes management and distribution of both app store and in-house apps, as well as any apps currently in development, easier. It gives them the ability to showcase apps in the app catalog alongside the ones that they are currently testing.

Hexnode MDM enables grouping of apps into multiple catalogs which can be made available to specific sets of users. Users gain access to their apps via a webclip that appears on their devices. Grouping apps into catalogs makes for quick and easy distribution and control across the entire network. Users have access to only the apps you want them to have, while they are restricted from accessing ones that you don’t.

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