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Single App and Multi-app modes

Launch an app or a web page in the kiosk as the default one, or allow multiple apps to be accessed from the app list.

Web-based kiosk lockdown

Equip Hexnode Kiosk with a web page that functions as a kiosk lockdown and restricts access to any external links within it.

Control peripheral function

The choice to decide whether to allow the peripheral buttons and device functions like changing screen orientation and VoiceOver.

Web content filtering

Define websites which the users can access, automatically blocking the others, blacklist some to block access.

Location Tracking & Geofencing

Track an employee or a lost device, apply geofences for automated policy association in and out of these fences.


Say hi to your employees. Send a message to be displayed on the device, be it an announcement, instruction or a basic message.

Remote View & Control

See a live preview of the device remotely from the centralized hub, making it a breeze when solving device issues.

Enterprise app store

Let the users install apps only from an app store designed for your enterprise. Set mandatory apps, which installs silently.

Custom branding

Customize the multi-app kiosk lockdown by remotely cleaning the unused or unwanted app icons and setting a wallpaper of your choice.

Secure the data with lock and wipe

Lock or reset the device to factory settings if the device is lost/stolen device to prevent the corporate data from being leaked.

Mobile Expense Management

Keep the mobile data expenses optimal by reducing unnecessary data utilization by the user and by disabling data on any device.

Third-party Integration

Device Enrollment Program
Volume Purchase Program

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