Mobile Security Management

mobile security management
Enterprise content and resources are vulnerable once mobile access is allowed on the corporate network. Organizations need to have a solid line of defence against potential security threats. A strong Mobile Security Management solution is the way to go about it.

Mobile Security Management Solution

With Hexnode MDM Solution, you can monitor and manage the entire fleet of devices deployed across the enterprise. Advanced security features help you secure your enterprise in compliance with your policies and regulations.

Mobile Security Management Key features

  • Device restrictions
  • Network security
  • Password policy management
  • Remote lock and wipe
  • App management
  • Compliance check and enforcement

Device Restrictions

Enterprises need to be able to restrict certain features or applications on the user devices in accordance with their corporate policy. Our solution lets you set and manage restrictions to access various device features that may compromise privacy and security. You can disable camera, facetime, youtube, safari; limit the functionalities of Siri, Gamecenter and iCloud and enforce a host of other device restrictions. Policies can be set with multiple device restrictions and associated to individual devices, users or groups.
device restrictions

Network Security

Enterprises need to be able to provide connectivity without exposing credentials to unauthorized users. Changing the WiFi password each time an employee leaves the organization is not a viable option, nor is denying network access to a particular user once you have shared the credentials. This gets more complicated in case of a BYOD device once the company ceases to have access to it. Manually entering settings on individual devices isn’t a solution either. Thus you need to be able to remotely deploy settings without the user learning the credentials and remove it once the user leaves or the device is retired. Hexnode's solution lets you do this and more. You can easily create a policy with the required Wi-Fi, email and VPN settings and apply it on a group. Email and Networks will be automatically set up without user intervention. Configurations can also be removed easily when the user leaves or the device is retired.
mdm network security

Password Policy Management

Device passwords are the first line of defence against unauthorized access. Configure password policies quickly and easily in an enterprise environment in compliance with key policies. When a password is enforced on the device, only the designated user can have access to the device content. Choose from an extensive set of password requirements viz. password length, complexity, timeout periods, password expiration and retry limits. If the set password does not meet the requirements, users will be prompted to change their device passwords. If the device password is forgotten, an administrator can reset password remotely to restore access to the device.
mdm password policy

Remote Lock and Wipe

The device lock feature allows an administrator to remotely lock devices suspected of being left in an unsecured location. If a user loses or misplaces their device, administrator can remotely lock the device from the portal by selecting the particular device and enforcing device lock. This applies the pre-set password on the device and only on entering it can a person gain access to the device. Remote wipe feature lets the administrator delete all of the device data in case of a security breach (lost/stolen device). Device can also be configured to wipe itself in case of a certain number of incorrect authentication attempts. Device Wipe removes all data and configuration settings from the device including installed applications, photos, and personal information.
remote lock and wipe

App security and management

Mobile apps are transforming business, allowing users to communicate, collaborate and stay connected to the enterprise. But the installation of unprotected apps leaves the corporate systems and network insecure and vulnerable to attacks. Management and control of deployed devices at the app level is critical to ensure corporate security. Hexnode MDM's App management features help you secure your systems and network in compliance with key regulations – App catalog, App Blacklisting, App reports, App distribution, App installation and app removal and more.
mdm app security and management

Compliance check and enforcement

Hexnode Mobile Security Management solution lets you easily identify and secure non-compliant devices. You receive alerts and detailed reports on jailbroken devices, devices with blacklisted apps, devices without password and more. You can create custom policies defining the criteria for compliance. Auto compliance precisely identifies the devices that don’t follow the policies. Besides real time alerts, you can obtain in depth statistics and detailed reports on non-compliant devices. You can notify the users regarding non-compliance or execute remote actions from the MDM portal to secure the devices.
mdm compliance check and enforecement

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