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Can you restrict Voice, SMS and Data in Hexnode UEM?

Yes, Hexnode UEM allows you to restrict voice, SMS, and data on your enrolled iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Administrators can monitor these functionalities by controlling the required settings based on their requirements. If your organization does not approve the use of voice, SMS, and data functionalities in the workspace, you can make sure that these features are restricted using Hexnode UEM.

In the case of Android devices, an admin can disable voice (Make a call, Users can adjust volume, Microphone) and SMS functionalities under Advanced Restrictions. You can completely disable the use of mobile data by unchecking the option ‘Mobile data’ under Restrictions. In addition, the Network Data Usage Management feature facilitates administrators to remotely manage and limit data usage on devices.

On iOS devices, uncheck the option ‘Voice dialing’ under Restrictions to completely disable the voice dialing feature. To stop messaging services, disable iMessage under Advanced Restrictions. You can also restrict users from changing any settings for apps that use data by disabling ‘Apps can modify cellular data usage’ from Advanced Restrictions. Furthermore, the Network Usage Rules enable administrators to control cellular data usage or roaming data usage by the managed apps.

An organization can also restrict the use of voice, SMS, and data functionalities on Windows devices. Uncheck the options ‘Voice Recording’ and ‘Cortana voice assistant’ to restrict voice-enabled features. The basic Restrictions in Hexnode also allow administrators to restrict MMS and RCS functionalities on their Windows devices. You can prevent users from turning off ‘Data Sense’ on their devices by disabling the option ‘Users can turn Data Sense on/off’ under Advanced Restrictions.

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