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How to install custom apps on Android devices without using Google Play Store

An MDM solution can install custom apps on Android devices outside of Google Play Store through a process known as ‘sideloading’. To set up your device for it, ensure that ‘Install apps from unknown sources’ from Advanced Restrictions is enabled. Here’s how to install custom enterprise apps on Android devices:

  • Add your enterprise apps to the Hexnode app inventory. You can add the custom app either by uploading the APK file or by providing the manifest path to download the file.
  • Distribute the app either through remote actions or via policies.

Administrators can also distribute enterprise (in-house) apps to devices through App Catalog. Silent enterprise app installation works on Samsung Knox, LG Gate, Kyocera Business phones, and devices with Hexnode MDM/System Agent app as the system app. Besides merely distributing the apps to Android devices, you can also push these apps to ‘Android Enterprise’ devices. Enterprise apps are silently installed on Android Enterprise devices enrolled as Device Owner with the latest version of the Hexnode for Work app installed in the devices.

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