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How to configure Web Clips on macOS devices?

The web clips profile settings for Apple devices let you add shortcuts to frequently used web pages or URLs to the endpoints. They appear as app icons on the home screen of iOS devices or the Dock of macOS devices, providing users quick access to specific web pages with a simple click. This document helps IT administrators configure web clips with the desired webpages/links for macOS devices via Hexnode UEM.


  • This feature is available only on Ultimate and Ultra subscription plans.
  • Web clips are supported on macOS 10.7 and later.

Web clips that can be added to macOS devices

The following are the different web clip types that can be added to macOS devices.

  • Add PDFs to macOS devices via web clips

    PDFs linked to external URLs can be added as web clips on the device. Clicking on the web clip will open the PDF link in the default browser. When adding a PDF file as a web clip, ensure to enter URL of the PDF. For instance, use a URL like

  • To incorporate a YouTube video link as a web clip, add the URL of the specific video while uploading the web clip. For instance: Upon opening, the link will be opened in the default browser.

  • Deploy locations to the device

    You can add a single specific location as a web clip, which will directly open the designated location in the Maps app on the device. To add a location as a web clip, include the link to the location while uploading the web clip. For instance: address=111+Pine+St+%231225,+San+Francisco,+CA+94111,+USA.

  • To showcase a specific app as a web clip on the device, copy the URL of the app from the Apple App Store and use this URL to add it as a web clip. For example:

  • Join FaceTime via web clips

    Specify the FaceTime ID of the desired user for connection via FaceTime as the web clip URL. Upon opening the web clip, an automatic FaceTime call will initiate to the specified ID.

  • Distribute iBook as a web clip

    To access a particular book from the iBooks library on the device, copy the URL of the iBook that needs to be added as a web clip. Then, add the link while uploading the web clip.

Upload web clips in Hexnode

To set up a web clip using Hexnode,

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab.
  2. Click on +Add Apps and select Web app from the drop-down.
  3. Input the Name to be displayed, the URL of the page, the Icon to be displayed on the macOS device, and select a Category to which the web clip belongs.
  4. Click Add.

When adding an icon, choose an image with dimensions not exceeding 400×400 pixels and less than 1 MB uncompressed. Image will be automatically cropped to fit and converted to PNG format.

Add web clips to macOS devices

To add the web clip to a macOS device via policy,

  1. Login to your Hexnode UEM portal.
  2. Navigate to Policies > New Policy.
  3. Select macOS > App Management > Web Clips > Configure > +Add Webclip.
  4. Select the web app that was previously added to Hexnode and click Done.
  5. Select Policy Targets > +Add Devices and choose the device.
  6. Click Save.

What happens at the device end?

Web Clip will be added to the Dock of the macOS device once the policy is associated. Users can access the corresponding content of the web clip by clicking on the shortcut icon that has been added to the device. Web clips are opened in the default browser of the device.

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