Apple TV Kiosk Mode

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Out-of-box-enrollment (OOBE) experience

Integrate your Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager account with Hexnode MDM to leverage zero touch deployment of devices and roll out Apple TV devices in bulk and configure devices directly from the MDM dashboard.

Single App Mode

Roll out your Apple TV for digital signage or for wireless content streaming in schools or business presentations by locking down your Apple TV devices to a single app with Hexnode MDM’s Single App Kiosk Mode.

Control Device Settings

For devices in kiosk lockdown mode, enforce restrictions on settings such as VoiceOver, Invert Colors, Zoom adjustments, touch screen, Auto-Lock, and more with Hexnode MDM.
Apple TV Kiosk

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Custom App Management

Deploy enterprise (in-house) applications to tvOS devices over-the-air and lock them down to single app mode.

Security and Access

Configure Wi-Fi policy to enable managed devices to automatically connect to corporate networks even if its hidden or password protected. Route all traffic from the Internet to the Apple TV devices using Global HTTP Proxy.
Apple TV MDM