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Hexnode MDM in Logistics

The logistics industry have seen a growing usage of mobile devices in managing supply chains and keeping track of freight. Well, you can’t be in the business of moving goods around the world and not go ‘mobile’. However, the associated increase in productivity, reduced costs and better customer service is not without a flipside. The rising complexity, potential data risks and subsequent compliance disarray is quite the IT nightmare.

Bring down those costs

You don’t need rugged devices or custom hardware for field use anymore. With Hexnode MDM, the smartphones or tablets employees carry around as their daily driver units are more than enough to power through all work related stuff. Kiosk features allow mobile devices to be locked down as single purpose hardware. The Geofencing equipped policies let you set restrictions and configurations based on virtual geographical fences you define. Policies automatically take effect when devices enter this ‘fence’ and deactivates when they exit.

Keep an eye on your assets

Hexnode’s powerful location history and live tracking features make sure you have all the visibility even when the shipments are en route. You can have the locations of all your delivery staffs in a single map view and drill down into each of their location history to ensure there haven’t been any unwarranted detours. Location history reports give you precise information about the time and duration of visits to every site which comes in handy while optimizing delivery.

Improve your sales to a new level

Raise the productivity bars

With Hexnode MDM’s long line of features, mobile devices become powerful tools in the hands of your employees. Distribute essential apps to your entire team in one go, set policies to selectively enable device features based on your team structure, lock devices to apps or content, those that matter most, view and access devices remotely to train staff or extend support, broadcast messages or communicate with team even when they are on the move, analyze field staff performance with location reports and more.

Secure people and data

Lock down devices to just the relevant apps and refrain drivers from texting or taking phone calls while on the road. Live track devices to ensure optimal routes and minimal delivery times. Enforce app and web filtering to ensure devices don’t come across malicious websites or applications. Locate a lost or stolen device and remotely wipe it to prevent confidential data falling into wrong hands. Activate a selective data wipe when a staff is relieved to delete all corporate data while leaving personal content untouched.

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