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Hexnode MDM in logistics Hexnode MDM in logistics

Hexnode MDM in logistics

The logistics industry has seen a growing usage of mobile devices in managing supply chains and keeping track of freight. However, the associated increase in productivity, reduced costs and better customer service rises complexity, potential data risks and subsequent compliance disarray. Hexnode UEM addresses all these security risks that are possessed by the mobile devices in the logistics industry.

Mobile device management for logistics

The hands-free enrollment

Zero-Touch Enrollment and Apple Business Manager can configure and enroll Android and Apple devices in MDM during device set up. Knox Mobile Enrollment, Android Enterprise Recommended, G Suite and other conventional methods of enrollment are also available.

Electronic Logging Devices and MDM

Mobile phones or tablets can be converted to Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) by putting them in kiosk mode. An ELD app can be made to work in forefront and the device can always be kept on. Hexnode Kiosk Messenger can be used to send messages from the MDM console.

EMM for logistics

Geo-compliance with Geofencing

The Geofencing feature in Hexnode UEM let companies create a virtual fence over restricted areas so that upon entering or exiting the fenced region, the device will go out of compliance and the associated policy will be enforced on the device automatically.

Limiting mobile data and Wi-Fi usage

The Mobile Data Management feature will help the companies to set limits to mobile and Wi-Fi data usage on the deployed devices. App-based mobile data usage limit can be specified in the policy. Hexnode also allows restricting mobile data or wi-fi after reaching the limit.

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Mobility management in logistics

Remote file distribution

Delivery based paperwork can be sent as a Word or PDF file to the deployed devices directly from Hexnode UEM. The File Management feature enables distributing and deleting any type of files regardless the size of them.

Device lock down

Phones and tablets can be locked down to one or more apps and websites using the kiosk mode. Kiosk mode enables the employees to work in a distraction-free environment. The threats towards the devices from unsafe browsing can also be reduced.

Endpoint management in logistics

App distribution to field employees

Applications required for the work can be distributed to the devices as a group or catalog or as single app. Android Enterprise Recommended integration in Hexnode UEM allows companies to set up an enterprise app store.

Real-time support on the road

The remote control and remote view feature will allow IT admins to view the device screen from the Hexnode UEM portal. This will enable the IT team to provide remote assistance for device troubleshooting in real time.

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