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System Agent App for Android

What is System Agent App?

Hexnode System Agent is an optional app that can grant system permissions to the Hexnode MDM Android app as new versions are being installed. Granting system permissions simplifies endpoint management and ensures you can use all the advanced MDM features like removing pre-installed apps which are not available natively on Android. With the agent app, you don’t have to manually download and re-sign every new Hexnode MDM app version. You’ll be able to get all the latest Hexnode MDM updates directly from Play Store and then grant them system permissions on the go, using the agent app.

Use case of Hexnode System Agent!

Hexnode MDM’s ROM Enrollment where custom ROMs are flashed onto android devices is a flawless way of enrollment. This enrollment is usually preferred by enterprises collaborating with OEM Vendors. However, here we may have to re-sign the Hexnode MDM app from the OEM vendor for every app update. This may be troublesome with the frequent updates being released.

Once the ROM is flashed, you cannot make any further changes to the Hexnode MDM app unless your OEM vendor re-signs it. Instead, if you have opted for Hexnode’s System Agent app, it eliminates the need for manually downloading and signing each new Hexnode MDM app updates.


The Hexnode MDM app is to be left unsigned whereas the System Agent app needs to be signed by the OEM vendor.

Privileges offered by System Agent App

System Agent App grants you with the following privileges over the Hexnode MDM app.

  1. Silent App Installation – Silent App Installation allows you to install apps automatically to the target devices without any user intervention. The app gets installed on the device without showing any prompts.
  2. App Uninstallation – System Agent App lets you remove apps from the device if you no longer require the app to be present on the device.
  3. Remote Reboot – A reboot action can be carried out remotely.
  4. Power Off – A device can be turned off remotely using Agent App. Any work the user is on will be lost as no prompts are displayed to the user to turn the device off.
  5. Update OSRemotely deploy OS updates to Android 5.0 + devices with the Hexnode System Agent app. Installation of updates to the devices can be done either automatically or by prompting the user.

How to get Hexnode System Agent?

  1. System Agent App will be custom-developed and made available to you by the Hexnode team.

  2. Hexnode System Agent App for Android ROM or OEM device enrollement
  3. Sign the Agent App from your OEM vendor and ensure that the app is set as the Device Administrator.
  4. Place the app under the system/app folder or system/priv-app folder and grant the necessary permissions.
  5. Note:

    You can place the system agent app in the system/app folder or system/priv-app folder. It ensures that the app doesn’t get removed from the device on factory reset. The app installed on these folders can use both system-level permissions and signature permissions. Specifically, the system/priv-app folder also allows you to grant other privileged permissions for the app.

  6. The System Agent App now provides Hexnode MDM app with the system level privileges mentioned above.
  7. Enable System Agent Settings from Admin > General Settings > Hexnode System Agent Settings.

You will have the following options to be configured.

MDM System Agent App settings in the management portal
  • Enable Hexnode System Agent – Check this option to enable the communication between the Hexnode MDM app and Hexnode System Agent app.
  • Show Hexnode System Agent icon – Check this option to display Hexnode System Agent app icon on the device launcher.

  • Even though if the device supports silent app installation natively, higher priority will be for the system agent app to support silent installation.
  • The System Agent App needs to be re-signed only if an update on the agent app is available.