Configuring additional Wi-Fi profiles with MDM

Using MDM to configure Wi-Fi in corporate devices is an effortless procedure because it is done over the air. The process of configuring additional WiFi on a device is the same as configuring a new Wi-Fi.

  1. Go to Policies tab and click on New Policy
  2. Provide a name to the policy and select the OS platform (iOS, Android, Windows) of the device you want to configure the Wi-Fi on.
  3. Provide the SSID.
  4. Select the Security type.
  5. Provide the password.
  6. Set the proxy.
  7. Assign the policy to devices from Policy targets.
  8. Save the policy.

Note: If you are adding hidden network, check the box for Hidden Network. Check the box for Auto Join if you wish the device to connect automatically to the Wi-Fi.

What happens when you push the new Wi-Fi profile?

The new Wi-Fi will be configured automatically. When the current Wi-Fi becomes unavailable the new Wi-Fi will get connected automatically if you have enabled Auto Join or you can connect to the Wi-Fi manually.
Note: No two Wi-Fi can be configured in the same policy. You will have to create a new policy for the additional Wi-Fi you wish to configure.

Exceptional cases

In most of the devices, the new Wi-Fi configuration profile will get added automatically without any prompts. However in devices like Xiaomi, the user will have to give permission to add the new Wi-Fi profile manually. To enable automatic Wi-Fi profile installation.

  1. Go to device settings.
  2. Select Hexnode MDM from Installed Apps.
  3. Select Other permissions.
  4. Enable the option Change Wi-Fi connectivity.

Only after doing so, the new Wi-Fi profile gets installed. Once this is done, no more prompts will appear when you push additional Wi-Fi profiles.

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