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Configuring additional Wi-Fi profiles with MDM

Using MDM to configure Wi-Fi in corporate devices is an effortless procedure because it is done over the air. The process of configuring additional Wi-Fi on a device is the same as configuring a new Wi-Fi.

  1. Go to Policies tab and click on New Policy.
  2. Provide a name to the policy and select the OS platform (iOS, Android, Windows) of the device you want to configure the Wi-Fi on.
  3. Provide the SSID.
  4. Select the Security type.
  5. Provide the password.
  6. Set the proxy.
  7. Assign the policy to devices from Policy Targets.
  8. Save the policy.

If you are adding hidden network, check the box for Hidden Network. Check the box for Auto Join if you wish the device to connect automatically to the Wi-Fi.

What happens when you push the new Wi-Fi profile?

The new Wi-Fi will be configured automatically. When the current Wi-Fi becomes unavailable the new Wi-Fi will get connected automatically if you have enabled Auto Join or you can connect to the Wi-Fi manually.


No two Wi-Fi can be configured in the same policy. You will have to create a new policy for the additional Wi-Fi you wish to configure.

Exceptional cases

In most of the devices, the new Wi-Fi configuration profile will get added automatically without any prompts. However in devices like Xiaomi, the user will have to give permission to add the new Wi-Fi profile manually. To enable automatic Wi-Fi profile installation.

  1. Go to device settings.
  2. Select Hexnode MDM from Installed Apps.
  3. Select Other permissions.
  4. Enable the option Change Wi-Fi connectivity.

Only after doing so, the new Wi-Fi profile gets installed. Once this is done, no more prompts will appear when you push additional Wi-Fi profiles.