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Google Workspace (G Suite) Enrollment for macOS Devices

Hexnode UEM allows you to assign macOS devices to Google Workspace (G Suite) users. You need to initially configure G Suite with the MDM console, followed by enrolling the devices.The enrolled macOS devices will get assigned to the respective G Suite users. Policies and actions can be associated to the devices, users or whole domain from the Hexnode MDM console to manage and monitor the utilization of these devices.

To Assign the devices to G Suite Users

  1. Configure G Suite.
  2. Enroll macOS devices via G Suite Authentication.

Configure G Suite


Your Organization should have a G Suite Account.

Create Service Account

Creating Service Account
  1. Using the G Suite admin credential, log in to Google Cloud Console.
  2. Click on Create Project.
  3. Create a New Project by providing the following details.
    • Project Name: Provide a suitable project name and a corresponding project ID will be generated.
  4. From the Navigation Menu on the left pane, select APIs and Services > Credentials.
  5. Click on Create Credentials and from the drop-down list that appears select Service account.
  6. Select New service account and provide the following details.
    • Service account name: Provide a suitable name for the service account.
    • Service account ID: An account ID will be automatically generated. If required, you can edit it.
    • Service account description: Provide a suitable description for your service account.
    • Click on Create and Continue.
  7. Optional: Grant the service account access to the project created above. Select a role from the drop-down list. Click on Select a role. Choose Service Accounts > Service Account Admin, and click Continue.
  8. Click Done
  9. Click on the email address corresponding to the newly created service account.
  10. Select the Advanced settings dropdown and copy the generated Client ID.
  11. At the top, navigate to Keys. Click on Add Key > Create new key and choose the key type as JSON and click on Create.
  12. A JSON key will be downloaded. This key is later uploaded on to Hexnode MDM server.
  13. Go back to APIs & Services interface from the Navigation menu. Select Enabled APIs & Services and click on +ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES.
  14. In the search box that appears, type Admin SDK API and select the same from the search results.
  15. Click on Enable to enable Admin SDK API.

Manage API Client Access for MDM

This process provides the MDM with a specific API access to apply the configurations to the managed devices. Ensure to Enable API access in the Admin console.

Manage API Client Access for MDM
  1. Using your G Suite Admin credentials, login to Google Admin Console and click on Security.
  2. From API Controls, click on MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION under Domain wide delegation, and click on +Add new.
  3. Authorize the API clients by providing the following details.
    • Client ID: Copy the unique ID from the downloaded JSON file or from the Google Cloud console.
    • OAuth scopes: Copy and paste the link – To sync individual users. – To sync user groups. – To fetch the domain.

    • Click on AUTHORIZE.

  • To sync users, user groups and domains from your G Suite account to the Hexnode console, you need to provide the OAuth scopes separated by a comma.
  • The directory domain scope is mandatory. If this scope is not entered, the domain sync will fail and an error message “G Suite domain names could not be retrieved.” will be displayed in the portal.

Integration of G Suite with Hexnode UEM Server

Integration of G Suite with Hexnode UEM Server
  1. Login to your Hexnode UEM portal.
  2. Navigate to Admin > G Suite.
  3. You will have the following options to be configured.
    • G Suite Admin Email: Enter the G Suite admin email address of the domain that you want to synchronize with Hexnode.
    • G Suite key: Upload the JSON key previously downloaded.
  4. Click on Next to configure G Suite.
  5. Now, 2 new options will be displayed:
    • Sync across all domains: Checking this option will sync all the users and/or user groups across all domains. When new domains are created in G Suite, they will be automatically synced during the next sync.
    • Choose Domain(s): Only the users and/or user groups present in the selected domains will be synced with Hexnode UEM.
  6. With the Scheduled Scan feature, you can set a specific time on a certain day(s) when the G Suite sync is to be initiated. Either choose Daily or Weekly options from the Time settings.
    • If Daily is chosen, enter the time in 24-hour format in the fields corresponding to the Initiate sync at option. It will initiate the G Suite sync at the specified time every day.
    • If the Weekly option is selected, an additional option to select days will be displayed below the Initiate sync at option. It will initiate the G Suite sync at the specified time on the specified days.
  7. Click on the Save button to save the configuration.

  • Click on the Refresh Domains button if a newly added domain is not displayed on the portal.

Enroll macOS devices via G Suite Authentication.

Once the G Suite account is configured, you can start enrolling your macOS devices with Hexnode UEM.

  1. Go to Enroll > Platform-Specific > macOS > Email or SMS.
  2. Switch the authentication mode to Authenticated Enrollment.
  3. Select Google User under Enrollment Request or Self Enrollment.
    • If you select Google User under Enrollment Request, users will receive an email or SMS with the Hexnode server address and other enrollment instructions.
    • If Google User under Self Enrollment is selected no such request will be sent. Users have to enroll devices with their dedicated credentials.
  4. Change the device Ownership if required.
  5. Click on Next.

If you have chosen Self Enrollment, your enrollment set up is complete.
But if you have chosen to send Enrollment Request to your G Suite users follow these steps,

  1. Select a medium to send the request (Email/SMS).
  2. Change the Domain from Local to your G Suite domain.
  3. Select the user to whom you want to send the enrollment request and click Save.

On the device,

  1. Open the Safari Browser and enter the enrollment URL, it will be of the form:
  2. This would take you to the enrollment screen. Enable the checkbox to agree with the terms and conditions and click Enroll.
  3. Enter the user’s G Suite username and password.
  4. Click Authenticate. The MDM profile gets downloaded.
  5. To install the MDM profiles click Continue and click Install.
  6. Enter the Mac administrator’s username and password.

The profiles will install and the device will get enrolled in Hexnode UEM.

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