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Managed Google Play App Management

1. How can I purchase app licenses from Managed Google Play using Hexnode?

Managed Google Play no longer supports purchasing app licenses and making in-app purchases. You can only approve and manage free apps available in your Managed Google Play. However, you can still manage the app licenses that you have already purchased. You can even request a refund for the already purchased app, but you cannot purchase additional licenses.

Note that you can still purchase apps and conduct in-app purchases with a personal Google account; however, these will not be Managed Google Play apps. If users sign in to Google Play on their devices with their personal accounts, they can make purchases. To enable users to add their personal Google accounts on Android Enterprise registered devices, go to Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions > Allow Account Settings and enable the option Modify Accounts/Users. Once you have configured the policy, associate it with the required target entities.

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