1. How to enroll Android devices in Hexnode MDM by configuring ROM

How to enroll Android devices in Hexnode MDM by configuring ROM

Configuring ROM for Android devices and making Hexnode MDM as a system app is a foolproof method of enrollment. This enrollment method is used by Enterprises collaborating with OEM vendor. Here, a device is manufactured with specially configured ROM with all permissions and privileges granted to Hexnode MDM. This device will be automatically enrolled in Hexnode MDM when the user power on the device for the first time. Hexnode will act as a normal system app in this device.

Setting up device

  1. On your Android device, make Hexnode MDM the system app.

    • To give full privilege to Hexnode MDM, copy Hexnode MDM APK file to system/priv-app.
    • Make sure the app is not copied to system/app or data/app.
  2. Give the following permissions for Hexnode MDM app
    • Usage Access
    • Draw Over Other Apps
    • Modify system properties
    • Phone, storage and location access permissions
    • Set Hexnode as a Device Administrator
    • Set Hexnode MDM as the default launcher
    • Turn on “Install From Unknown Sources” by default.

Installing configuration file

  1. Download the ROM configuration file by clicking on the “Generate configuration file” button in Admin > ROM Enrollment.
  2. Copy the file hex_rom_config.txt to “system” folder on your Android device.

ROM enrollment
Note: Please make sure the filename is exactly “hex_rom_config.txt“.

Link to download the Hexnode MDM APK file.