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How to install apps silently in Android Kiosk using Hexnode MDM

Hexnode MDM allows you to push the apps automatically to the device without any user intervention. Here, the apps will be installed silently without showing any prompts. Silent App installation can also be done while the device is in kiosk mode.


Silent App Installation in Android Kiosk

First you need to enable kiosk mode for the Android devices. You could either lock down the device into single app mode or multi app mode.


Before enabling the kiosk mode, make sure to add enterprise apps to the app inventory.

  1. Login to your Hexnode MDM portal.
  2. Go to Policies.
  3. Select an existing policy or create a new one by clicking New Policy.
  4. From Kiosk Lockdown > Android Kiosk Lockdown > select Single App/Multi App in accordance with the requirement.
  5. Click on Configure and add the required apps to the list.
  6. Associate the policy to the devices.

To Associate Policies to Devices / Groups.

If the policy has not yet been saved.

  1. Navigate to Policy Targets.
  2. Click on +Add Devices.
  3. Select the devices and click OK.
  4. Click on Save to apply the policies to devices.

Apart from devices, you can also associate the policies to device groups, user and user groups from Policy Targets.

If the policy has been saved, you can associate it by another method.

  1. From Policies, check the policies to be associated.
  2. Click on Manage → Associate Targets and select the device.
  3. Click on Associate to apply policy to the devices.

Once the policies are associated, the device will enter into kiosk mode and the apps gets silently installed to the device.


  • Here the apps are silently installed while adding to the kiosk mode itself. Install Application action need not be executed.
  • Make sure that you add the apps (in kiosk policy) that are not installed on the device.


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