App Management

Now you decide how the apps should behave


App black/whitelisting

Black/white listing helps you regulate the apps coming into your enterprise. When you add apps to blacklist, Hexnode MDM identifies the devices having any blacklisted app installed as non-compliant. On whitelisting, only the whitelisted apps are acceptable. Devices with non-whitelisted apps are tagged as non-compliant. You'll be instantly alerted of non-compliant apps so you can take quick actions to secure them. 
blacklisted apps and whitelisted apps

Mandatory apps

Easily manage and provision the essential apps. You can add individual apps or a group of apps to the mandatory list. Devices are automatically monitored to identify the ones lacking any of the mandatory apps. You can instantly initiate installation of those apps on the user devices. Mandatory apps can be custom-defined for different user/device groups.
mandatory apps

App installation and management

Seamlessly roll out mobile applications. Install store apps or deploy your own apps without featuring them in a public app store. You have total control over the apps you installed. Uninstall them or reinstall later at ease. For other apps, you can notify the users to uninstall. Once the supervisory mode is enabled on the devices, you will be able to install or remove any app of your choice without confirmation from the user end.
App distribution

Enterprise App catalog

Enterprises need to have a secure platform for deploying mobile applications. Hexnode MDM lets you create an enterprise app catalog to easily manage and deploy both in-house apps and app store apps. You can group apps and set up multiple catalogs to effectively provision apps for different sets of targeted users. Users are directed to their app catalog through an easily accessible webclip sent straight to their device. On accessing it, users only see a relevant targeted version of their app catalog. 
app catalog


VPP integration enables organizations purchase apps and books in bulk and easily assign them to users. Managed distribution makes it possible to assign apps directly to devices even without an Apple ID. It streamlines the whole purchase process and saves you a ton of money. You can also revoke app licenses from one device/user and easily reassign to others.
Simple, Secure Mobile Device Management!