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Hexnode Academy – Hexnode’s Certification program

Hexnode Certification is a responsive learning program that offers a comprehensive curriculum to assist users in managing remote endpoints from the Hexnode UEM web console. The certification program fully equips you with the knowledge to set up the portal and onboard, manage, and monitor the endpoints.

What is Hexnode Certification?

Hexnode Certification, available through Hexnode Academy, is a free learning program for UEM professionals. The certification program is currently available for Hexnode customers, resellers and partners. The program aims at achieving a deeper understanding of the UEM concepts and implementation among all learners.

The certification program is available in two levels – the Professional and Expert levels. The Hexnode Professional certification program is a beginner-level program that covers all the essential aspects of the UEM in addition to the fundamentals of platform, app and kiosk management. The “Hexnode Certified Professional” would have the fundamental knowledge to set up and run the Hexnode UEM console.

The Hexnode Expert certification workshop covers the detailed working of Hexnode UEM. The curriculum is laid out in such a way that it covers all the intricate details and the handy tips that enable the organization to administer its assets without any hustle and bustle. In addition, the learners are provided access to the lab programs that facilitate a hands-on experience. As a result, a Hexnode Certified Expert will be single-handedly equipped to manage the UEM needs of large enterprises.

Why Hexnode Certification?

Becoming a Hexnode Certified Professional or Expert makes you an indispensable member of the organization. The certification courses and the hands-on lab provide you an insight into the features, setup, and working of the UEM. In addition, the certification program enables the learners to grow their professional skills, identify the dos and don’ts as well as master the UEM best practices.

This will benefit you in setting up a foolproof mobile device management strategy and implementation mechanism for your organization. You can also showcase your expertise in the UEM niche by adding the Hexnode certificate to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Current Certification Courses

The Hexnode Certification program is available in two levels. The first level is the Hexnode Professional Certification program. It contains four independent platform-wise certification courses for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Additionally, a learner can also opt for the UEM Suite course that embodies lessons from all four platforms. Likewise, in the second level, which is the Hexnode Expert Certification program, there are five platform-specific certification courses and a complete UEM suite comprising the lessons from all five platforms.

If the learners have opted for Hexnode Expert, they can avail hands-on labs on some of the major features in Hexnode. These labs provide a real-time applied learning experience that helps to significantly drop the learning curve.

At the end of the course, the learners will have to take the examination. The exam will have questions from the enrolled courses. The questions are evenly selected from every lesson in the course.

Following are the level 1 and level 2 certification courses offered by Hexnode Academy.

Level 1: Hexnode Professional

  • Hexnode Certified Professional – iOS
  • Hexnode Certified Professional – macOS
  • Hexnode Certified Professional – Android
  • Hexnode Certified Professional – Windows
  • UEM Suite – Hexnode Certified Professional

Level 2: Hexnode Expert

  • Hexnode Certified Expert – iOS
  • Hexnode Certified Expert – macOS
  • Hexnode Certified Expert – Android
  • Hexnode Certified Expert – Windows
  • Hexnode Certified Expert – tvOS
  • UEM Suite – Hexnode Certified Expert

Hands-On Labs

  • Integrations
  • Apple Business Manager
  • Android Enterprise
  • Apps and Content Management
  • Kiosk Management

How to acquire Hexnode Certification?

The first step in acquiring the Hexnode certification is signing up for Hexnode Academy, Hexnode’s learning and certification platform. You can sign up via either of the following methods:

  • Contact the Hexnode tech support team via chat or call and request a user account.
  • Create an account for yourself from the Hexnode Academy website. To create an account,
    1. Go to the sign up page on the Hexnode Academy website.
    2. Provide your first and last name, work email address and phone number in the corresponding fields and submit the request.
    3. Once it is done, the Hexnode team will verify the request and get back to you within a few hours.

Once login is created, the learner can sign in to Hexnode Academy and enroll in the required courses. The courses are custom generated to encompass even the intricate details essential for managing endpoints via the Hexnode UEM console.

Each course is categorized into multiple sections; a session is then subdivided into multiple chapters. Learners will be presented with a Knowledge Check with 2 to 5 multiple-choice questions on completing each section. These questions are intended for the learners to self-assess their understanding of the content covered in the session. When the learners complete the knowledge check, they can move forward to the next session irrespective of its result.

The learner can check their proficiency in the covered subject by taking the certification exam at the end of the course. This will be the Certification Course exam. The platform-wise Professional or Expert level exam contains 30 questions, whereas the UEM suite certification exam contains 60 questions. Each question carries a weightage of 1 mark. The learner should select the answer that they feel is the most appropriate. There will be no penalty for wrong answers; however, they are not advised to choose the answer on random guessing.

Once they complete the exam, they can instantly view their score from the browser window. If the learner scores a minimum of 60% in the exam, they will be awarded the Hexnode certification badge.

If one qualifies exam, we will email the soft copy of the Hexnode Professional/Expert Certificate to their registered address.

Can a learner retake the exam if failed on the first attempt?

A learner can retake the exam twice within a period of 3 months if not cleared in the first attempt. However, after three months, the learner should retake the whole course to attend the examination.

For how long is the certification valid?

The certification badge has a validity of two years. Therefore, the candidates should retake the examination after two years to renew the certification badge.

Showcase your certificate on LinkedIn

Hexnode Certified Professional or Hexnode Certified Expert certificates can be shared with the learner’s network to exhibit their professional expertise publicly. LinkedIn is one such platform where professionals can showcase their skills to build a competent profile.

To add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile,

  1. On your LinkedIn Profile page, go to Add profile section > Background > Licenses & certifications.
  2. Input the name as Hexnode Certified Expert or Hexnode Certified Professional.
  3. Select Hexnode as the issuing organization and select the issue year and month.
  4. Choose the expiration month and year. Note that the certificate will expire in 2 years after the date of issue.
  5. Copy the certificate ID from the Hexnode email and paste it into the Credential ID column.
  6. Now you can save the certificate. This certificate will be listed in the Licenses and Certifications section in your LinkedIn profile.

I haven’t received my certificate!

If you pass the exam and haven’t received a mail with your certificate from the Hexnode team after 24 hours of completing the examination, please reach out to ‘’ and express the concerned issue.

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