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How to set wallpaper on iOS devices with MDM

iOS enables MDM to set the lock screen and home screen wallpaper. This makes it possible for enterprises to set company logo or details as device wallpaper. The enterprise can also restrict users from modifying wallpapers with the help of Hexnode MDM and all these can be done remotely. Only supervised iOS devices can be imposed with these restrictions.

To set wallpaper in supervised iOS devices

  1. Go to Policies → iOS Settings → Wallpaper
  2. On the Configure Wallpaper (Supervised Only) page, click on Select icon to add image for home screen or lock screen.
  3. Select the image.
  4. Select the devices from Policy Targets and click Save.

The device will be set up with the specified image.

To restrict the user from modifying the wallpaper

  1. Go to Policies → iOS Settings → Advanced Restrictions.
  2. Under Security and Privacy, uncheck Allow Wallpaper Modifications.
  3. Apply target devices and save the policy.

The wallpaper modifications can be restricted only in devices with iOS version 9 or up.


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