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Google Workspace

The complete cloud-based solution Android Enterprise Hexnode UEM

The complete cloud-based solution

Seamless integration of Google Workspace with Hexnode UEM unlocks easy enrollment with Android Enterprise and a plethora of cloud-based tools, services and applications.



View Google Workspace users directly from the Hexnode portal and assign them to respective devices.



Create work profiles for individual devices to enhance data security and user privacy.



Easily deploy applications to individual users and all devices assigned to that user.

Fluid Google Workspace integration
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Google Workspace

Google Workspace grants user access to a wide plethora of cloud-based tools, products and services.

Google Workspace enrollment
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Hexnode and Google Workspace

Fluid integration of Hexnode with Google Workspace helps the enterprise ensure higher standards of user productivity with zero sacrifice to device security. Manage every aspect of the device to ensure that the user is equipped with all the right tools and can get to work with minimal time delay.

  • Ease of enrollment

    Simplified enrollment of devices to Android Enterprise using Google Workspace. Easily access and enroll Google Workspace users from the Hexnode portal.

  • Fully managed corporate device

    Corporate devices can be enrolled in Android Enterprise as “Device Owner”, granting the enterprise complete control over its devices.

  • Partly managed personal device

    Employee devices enrolled in Android Enterprise can be assigned with work profiles to ensure integrity of corporate data and enhance protection of user privacy.