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How to re-enroll devices in Hexnode UEM?

When an employee leaves an organization, the company-owned device allocated to him has to be re-assigned to other employees within the enterprise. The device configurations may or may not be retained, depending on the future deployment of the devices. If the device is to be transferred to another employee within the same department, you may have to retain the configurations. On the other hand, if it is to be transferred to another department, you may prefer to deploy it as a new device. Hexnode allows you to configure the required settings based on your enterprise requirements.

Re-enrolling devices

  1. Navigate to Enroll > Settings on the Hexnode portal.
  2. Select the required device status from the Re-enrollment Options.
  3. Enroll as a new device Select this option to enroll the device as a new one by removing all the configurations previously set on the device.
    Retain configuration and change owner Select this option to keep all of the configurations set on the device while transferring ownership to a new user.

    Re-enrollment options in the Hexnode UEM portal.

  4. Now, you can start enrolling the devices back to the Hexnode portal.
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