MDM for Education

MDM for Education

Best MDM for education

Schools and educational institutions are actively embracing smart education that goes well beyond the conventional methods of learning. With iPads and tablets (apple or android), students have all the information they want right at their fingertips. Mobile devices are fast replacing the traditional ways of teaching because these devices are very easy to use and have a very short learning curve. Better yet, the school hours doesn't matter anymore. Students can continue to learn on their own from virtually anywhere. Educational apps foster innovation and makes learning more engaging and fun. While it is definitely helping students with more information and easy access, institutions need a way to manage these devices so that the students and their information stays safe. Without a doubt, a mobile device management solution is vital for the success of such e-learning programs in institutions. Hexnode MDM helps you deliver the enhanced learning experience without compromising on security.

With Hexnode MDM, you can configure the devices in a snap, restrict specific device features, deploy apps through custom catalogs, black list harmful applications and ensure compliance with the school policies and regulations. Hexnode MDM for education is designed to meet the unique needs of the industry. The various features of Hexnode MDM make it an ideal choice for classrooms.

Centralized management

Hexnode MDM offers a simple, efficient way to manage all your devices from a central admin console. It can replace multiple systems with a single solution so that the admins can track individual student devices, conduct typical maintenance routines and take immediate action if needed. Thus, it can eliminate countless manpower otherwise used to achieve such results.

Multi OS Support

Hexnode MDM makes multi OS deployments easy. It supports both Android and iOS devices seamlessly. It takes away the complications involved in applying same policies to different underlying operating systems from the users of MDM. Regardless of the underlying platform of the device, you can perform an array of tasks on various devices from a central console.

Blazing fast Enrollment

Enrolling the student devices with Hexnode MDM is a breeze. It enables you to enroll devices quickly and configure device settings over-the-air without hindering user experience. No physical access to the iPads or tablets is necessary. Also, you can send out enrollment requests in bulk and let students register their devices in a few taps. There is also an option of self-enrollment. Self-enrollment feature allows students to enroll on their own, with absolutely no requests. Enrollment process can also be integrated with Active Directory to authenticate users. AD authentication ensures only legitimate users enroll.

Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for Education

Hexnode MDM for education allows mass enrollment and configuration of school owned devices by seamlessly integrating with Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program). Administrators no longer have to physically access each device or spent hours registering them, devices can be enrolled and configured over the air. No more raising IT tickets for newly purchased devices, DEP enables configuration of devices even before students get their hands on them. Remote activation of supervisory mode and non-removable MDM profiles guarantee stellar security.

Student Configurations deployment

Allowing Wi-Fi access to students' iPads and tablets while restricting their personal smartphones can be a bit of a hassle. But with Hexnode MDM's smart network configuration, you can easily set up Wi-Fi, VPN or Access Point settings and securely deploy them on the desired devices. Configuring students email doesn't get any simpler either. Admins can set up the mail configuration settings and mass push to every device. Students just need to key in their login details and they're good to go. Hexnode MDM can push many other configuration settings to the devices also. Various device configurations can be done through policies on MDM. On enrollment, the devices are automatically configured accordingly.

BYOD Management

BYOD policy can be prove to be a cost effective solution for institutions when they can make use of the student’s own devices. But for BYOD management, an important qualifying point is that the software must support multiple platforms. Hexnode MDM for education is designed to work seamlessly with BYOD policy for students and teachers. The multi OS support of the MDM platform enables easy BYOD management. Enrolling BYOD and school devices are equally simple. As for BYOD, you can create a dynamic group with the ownership as a criteria, all new BYOD devices enrolled will be automatically added to that group and the unique policies you have assigned for such a group will be instantly activated on all the devices.

Device restrictions

With books being replaced by fancy gadgets, teachers have to compete with devices to get attention from the students. Device restriction features help students stay focused and keep distractions at bay. You can remotely turn off applications or device features that can be a disturbance in the class like disable or limit Camera, YouTube, Facetime, Appstore, Gamecentre and a host of other device functionalities. Such granular level control helps you make sure everything strictly complies with the school policies and regulations and that students get maximum benefits with this kind e-learning systems. Hexnode MDM also allows scheduling periodic scans of the devices to ensure device compliance to the policies.

Active Directory based policies

Hexnode MDM lets you import your active directory and apply policies straight to the existing users or groups of users. This saves you from the hassle of manually adding users if you already have an active directory of users for your institute. Also, once you have synced your active directory with Hexnode, you can apply policies on the existing user groups, units or entire domain.

App management - Purchase ,App Distribution and Restrictions

A full featured Mobile Application Management helps you enhance the classroom experience through learning apps, all the while securing against malicious apps. An app allows teachers to take their students into a new world of learning. When the teachers also have individual control over internet usage is when we can consider it to be an effective system. Hexnode MDM facilitates all this and more. You can batch install or remove essential apps over-the-air on all the devices right from Hexnode MDM. It also helps distribute / manage updates. No more running around the class. Black listing/White listing ensures students can install only the permitted apps. It also helps quickly take inventory of all the free and paid apps and find out which devices have each installed.

Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Education

Hexnode MDM for education simplifies the bulk purchase and distribution of apps for your school via the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Choose from thousands of apps and books from the app store and effortlessly distribute them across devices. You can assign apps directly to a device, even without an Apple ID (iOS 9 and up). Custom apps too can be securely distributed through the VPP store. Managed distribution makes it easy to track apps assigned to each device. After use, apps can be revoked and reassigned to other devices conveniently.

Custom App catalogs

Provisioning apps becomes so much easier with custom app catalogs. App catalogs are nothing but group of apps for different set of targeted users. Say, you want to assign different sets of apps for students of different grades, create app catalogs. Hexnode MDM lets you create custom app catalogs and assign to users based on their groups. Finding and installing apps then is a no-brainer as users see only their relevant targeted apps.

Remote manageability

With huge number of devices in big institutions, it is an important requirement to be able to remotely manage the devices for various day to day activities. The ability to lock or wipe a lost or stolen device is perhaps the single most important security aspect when it comes to students' iPads. Hexnode MDM lets you remotely lock down the device from the admin portal. Only on entering the preset password, can one access the device. This ensures only the legitimate user can unlock the device. You can also wipe the entire data on the device so that an intruder can no way access or tamper with the data on the device.

Kiosk mode

Single-app mode or Kiosk mode helps you lock the devices on to a single app. When Kiosk mode is turned on, users won't be able to exit the app environment or access anything beyond it. It comes in handy when you want students to use the devices for a sole purpose – a class test, a specific project or to simply keep them focused on the task at hand.

Selective wipe

When a school owned device changes hands, you don't necessarily have to perform the complete factory reset. Just remove the Hexnode MDM profile and all the configuration settings and apps will be removed while retaining the device's photos, videos and downloaded content. You can also effortlessly change the user in one click. The new user's policy, with the associated apps and settings will automatically take effect on the device.

Supervisory mode

Hexnode MDM lets you extent more control over institutionally-owned devices by enabling supervision. Supervision allows installation of apps without user intervention, activation of single app mode (kiosk), disallowing modification of account settings and a host of other advanced management functions. Supervision is advisable on devices temporarily loaned or ones shared among students in a classroom. DEP integration ensures admins can remotely turn on supervision.

Location Tracking

Hexnode MDM enables tracking of mobile assets deployed across campus. When the users of the devices include kids of various ages, misplacing devices is a common problem. Location tracking feature comes in handy in such a scenario. To ensure that the devices don’t go missing, Hexnode MDM can track the location of the device in real time. This feature is also useful for stolen devices. Admin can remotely lock the device and then locate it on a map.


Reporting feature of Hexnode MDM enables the administrators to monitor the device usage effectively. It allows you to identify the compliance status of the devices in no time. Any violations can be easily detected and acted upon, like it can show how many devices have blacklisted applications installed or list the non-compliant users in the system.

Cloud and On-premise set up

Hexnode MDM can be customized to your specific needs, whether your requirements are better suited to a cloud hosted environment or an on premise server set up. This facilitates maximum flexibility and complete scalability. This kind of flexibility gives benefits in the longer run and allows easy expansion in the future.

Simplified Setup

Hexnode MDM is very simple to set up and doesn’t need any special training or assistance to start using it. The admin console is very simple to use with intuitive navigation and functionalities. This means lots of time and cost savings on training people to use it. Our step by step wizard will guide you through the initial setup. Once set up, device and policy configurations can be done in no time.

Perfect for K12 and higher education

Whether is it delivering fun and interactive applications for kindergarten or providing high end software tools, Hexnode MDM can provide it all in an easy to use and managed environment. With high level of customization over apps and access on mobile devices possible through Hexnode MDM, it can be easily tailored to suit the requirements for students of all grades and levels.

Education friendly pricing

Nothing should stand in the way of bringing students the best education possible, least not budget, and that's why we have special plans just for education.

Support and Maintenance

Hexnode MDM helps you set up and maintain large number of devices deployed across an institute with ease. We can provide you any kind of technical support that you may need without affecting your routine activities.

Simple , Secure MDM for Education!