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Lockdown devices into fully managed digital signages

Create digital signage with ease

Content distribution

Distribute content to 1000s of screens from any internet-enabled device. Access and manage the content directly from your portal.

Advanced media player

Support for common media formats like JPG, PNG, MP3, MKV and MP4 ensures maximum media compatibility.

Media editor

Trim, mute and add custom background music to your videos with the native editor. Also, define video transmission speed and animations.

Update on the go

Skip the hectic job of manually updating individual screens. Schedule system updates for all your screens, at the press of a button.

Simple digital signage software

Immense scalability

Hexnode’s flexible signage solution ensures that scalability is never a hindrance to your business growth.

Display settings

Attain complete control over display settings such as brightness and screen orientation directly from the Hexnode portal.

Automated playlist

Specify the folder path and Hexnode will create an automated playlist with every media in that folder and specified sub-folders.

Cloud-based management

With Hexnode, the admin has access to a completely cloud-based, centralized management platform accessible from any internet-enabled device.

Hexnode plays well with others


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