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Geofencing – Location based MDM restriction

Geofencing is the feature that will let you create a virtual fence around a region so that when a device crosses over to the geofenced location a specific policy will get automatically associated to it. This feature provides location-based security to the device and the data in it.

Creating a fence

  1. Go to Admin → Geofencing.
  2. Click on +Create Fence.
  3. Select a region by typing the location in the text box.
  4. Draw a rectangular fence over the region.
  5. Click Save.

Applying the Geofence policy

  1. Go to Policies → New Policy → Location Settings.
  2. Select Geofencing.
  3. Click on +Add Fence.
  4. Select the Fence you want from the list.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Save.

You can apply the policy to a device by selecting the policy from Policies →Manage →Associate Targets and select the device from the list.

Dynamic grouping with Geofencing

Through the periodic scan, the MDM can determine the location of the device and take actions automatically based on the parameters defined in the dynamic group. Thus, when the device cross over to an undesirable location, necessary actions can be taken immediately.

  1. From the Hexnode MDM dashboard, navigate to Manage → Device groups → New Dynamic Group.
  2. Name the group and select one or more location from Location Filters.
  3. Click on Include and select the geofenced locations you wish to apply the restrictions to.That is, the policy will be enforced on devices when it enters the “included” geofenced locations.Click on Exclude to exempt specific geofences from the policy.
  4. Save the Group.

Now any device which satisfies the conditions of this dynamic group will get added to the group automatically and all the policies applied to this group will take effect on the device. You can also add condition filters along with the location filter for more precise grouping.

Enable non-compliant notification when the device goes out of fence

As soon as a device comes out of its geofence, the admin will be notified via email and the device will be marked as non-compliant on the MDM Console. Similarly, if a device enters an excluded geofence, a notification will be sent to the admin via email.
To enable notifications via email, navigate to Admin > Notification Settings.Under ‘Notify the administrators on‘ settings, select ‘Device out of Compliance‘ option.
Similarly, you can notify the users when the device goes out of compliance as well.This can be enabled from Admin > Notification Settings.Under ‘Notify the associated users on‘ settings, select ‘Device out of Compliance‘ option.


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