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EMM for Governments

Swift deployment and securing of mobile devices

The complete EMM for Governments The complete EMM for Governments

The complete EMM for Governments

Devices deployed in the federal space demands the ultimate security the system offers. Everything that gets connected to the internet is prone to security attacks. When such threats loom over the government deployed devices, the prospect of being openly vulnerable is out of the question. Hexnode UEM provides the secure arena for device management that deals with every possible device insecurity.

Mobile device management for government

Secure device encryption

The devices deployed to Government employees can be securely encrypted for data protection. Enforcing password and device encryption secures the data from most threats. The complexity of the password policy can be varied according to requirement.

Location-based security

Tracking devices around the clock and obtaining the detailed location history report as a part of device monitoring adds to the device security. Geofencing enables creating virtual fences to keep the device and data out of no-go-zones.

EMM for government

Containerization for BYOD

For governments which allow BYOD policy, work and personal data separation can be enabled through containerization. Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended (formerly Android for Work) and iOS’s Managed Open In features allows data containerization.

Application compliance

Apps can be distributed to the deployed devices from the MDM portal. App blacklisting feature marks the device as non-compliant when the blacklisted app is installed. App whitelisting will specify which all apps are safe to use and treat all other apps as blacklisted.

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Mobility management in government

Multi-OS support

Apple, Android and Windows devices can be seamlessly managed with Hexnode UEM. The multi-platform support provides a variety of device choices to deploy and makes it easy to implement BYOD in the organization.

Network configuration

Network settings such as employee email, organization Wi-Fi, VPN, global HTTP proxy, access points can be set up from the Hexnode UEM portal. These settings can then be pushed to the device remotely without any assistance from the user.

Endpoint management in government

Hands-free enrollment

Hexnode is tied with Apple Deployment Programs, Samsung Knox, Android Enterprise Recommended, G Suite, Zero-Touch Enrollment, LG GATE, Kyocera Enterprise Solution, etc. These integrations help in advanced device management for adamant security.

Secure controls

Hexnode UEM provides the organization with the ability to enforce restrictions and get periodic reports and notifications on device performance. Device features like Camera, Bluetooth, USB, mobile data, tethering etc., can be restricted from using in the device.