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How to update enterprise apps on macOS devices?

Enterprise apps are purpose-specific applications developed by an organization to satisfy enterprise needs. They are not available in public stores like other applications. Hexnode UEM enables easy distribution of the in-house apps over-the-air to the devices. You can also push the app-updates seamlessly. Enterprise apps on macOS devices can be updated using any of these methods:

Method 1: Replace the old PKG/DMG file with the new one in the Hexnode app inventory and distribute it to the device.

Method 2: Push the new app (higher version) created in the inventory directly to the device or device group.

Method 1: Replace the old app version with the new version in the Hexnode app inventory and distribute it to the device.

Follow the steps mentioned below to replace the old app version:

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab.
  2. Filter the apps by choosing the App Type as Enterprise app and App Platform as macOS.
  3. Click on the app to be updated.
  4. Click on Settings (gear icon) in the top right corner of the app detail box and click Edit from the drop-down list.
  5. Click on the Change option beside the PKG/DMG file and upload the updated file.
  6. Click on Save.

Case 1:

Suppose the enterprise app to be updated was pushed to the device via Required Apps policy. In that case, the app automatically gets updated on the device, provided the policy remains associated with the device.


Even if the DMG file is added as a required app, you should execute the Install Application action after replacing the DMG file with its new version. Executing the ‘Install Application’ action pushes the latest app version onto the device, instantly updating the app without any user intervention.

Case 2:

If the PKG/DMG file was not pushed via the ‘Required Apps’ policy, you can directly push the app’s new version to the device using the Install Application action. Go to Manage > click on the device > Actions > Install Application > select the app > click Done.

Method 2: Push the new app (higher version) created in the inventory directly to the device or device group.

To install a higher version of the app on the device, first, add the higher version of the PKG/DMG file as a new app instead of replacing the old file in the Hexnode app inventory.

  1. Go to the Apps tab and click-on Add Apps.
  2. Select Enterprise App and choose the macOS platform.
  3. Add the App Name.
  4. Choose either of the below options:
    • PKG/DMG file: Choose the PKG/DMG file from your system.
    • From Manifest URL: Enter the URL where the app resides.
  5. Select a Category that the app can be placed in or add a new category by clicking the + button.
  6. Add a suitable description for the app.
  7. Enable the option ‘Notify admin via email once app upload succeeds/fails’ to notify the app upload status to the administrator.
  8. Click Add.

Further, the app can be pushed to the device either via the Install Application action or via Required Apps policy.

Case 1: Required Apps policy

To distribute the app using the Required Apps policy:

  1. Go to Policies > New policy.
  2. Add Policy Name and Description.
  3. Navigate to macOS > Required Apps > Add App. Select the app and click Save.

Case 2: Install Application action

The app can be pushed to the device directly.

  1. Go to Manage.
  2. Select the device.
  3. Navigate to Actions > Install Application. Select the app and click Done.


  • The app associated with the device gets updated silently without any user intervention.

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