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Pass device information from Hexnode to the web apps added in the device through wildcards – FAQs

How can I pass the device information from the portal to the device?

For specific websites, certain device information can be passed along with the URL on to the target device with the help of wildcards. Such URLs will display the device information. Web apps opened with Hexnode Browser Lite (Hexnode’s default browser) allow the users to pass device information.

  1. Go to Apps tab > +Add apps > Web App.
  2. Enter the URL in the format “URL/wildcard” in the provided field. For example,
  3. Click on Add.

What are the specific device details that I can pass from the portal to the device?

The following device details can be passed from the portal to the device. The corresponding wildcards are also mentioned.

Device Info Wildcard
Device ID %deviceid%
Serial number %serial%
Device name %devicename%
IMEI %imei%
Wi-Fi MAC Address %wifimacaddress%
Name %name%
Domain %domain%
Netbios name %netbiosname%
UDID %udid%
Model %model%
Phone number %phonenumber%
ICCID %iccid%
Email %email%
Department %department%
Asset tag %assettag%
Device notes %devicenotes%