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What can I do if device enrollment fails in Hexnode UEM?

This article will guide you with the necessary steps that should be taken if device enrollment fails in Hexnode UEM.


Before enrolling any devices, make sure that:

  • The device is not already enrolled in Hexnode UEM or any other device management solutions.
  • The APNs certificate is added to the Hexnode portal to enroll Apple devices.
  • The organization must be enrolled in the Android Enterprise program to enroll devices in Android Enterprise.
  • The devices satisfy the following requirements:
    • iOS 4.0 and later
    • Android 4.1 and later
    • macOS 10.7 and later
    • tvOS 6.0 and later
    • Windows tablets and PCs running Windows 10 and later versions
    • Fire OS
  • You have not exceeded the maximum number of devices that you are allowed to enroll in Hexnode UEM.
  • You have configured the required enrollment settings under Enroll > Settings. Also, ensure that the option ‘Pre-approved devices only’ is unchecked to allow all methods of enrollment unless your organization requires pre-approved enrollment of devices.

Solutions to Common Device Enrollment Failures

  • Try connecting the devices to a different network connection. The devices need an active internet connection to communicate with the Hexnode UEM server.
  • If the allowed device limit for enrolling devices in the portal is reached, try disenrolling the inactive devices in the portal. This will give you extra slots for enrolling other devices.
  • For iOS devices, try uninstalling the Hexnode MDM app from the device and then reinstall it. Check out the most common errors encountered during iOS enrollment and their possible remedies. Refer to the documentation for troubleshooting errors while enrolling iOS devices using Apple Configurator or Apple Business Manager (ABM).
  • For Windows devices, try removing the Work or School account and add the account again. Make sure that the user has chosen ‘Enroll in Device Management only’. For more details, refer to the troubleshooting guide on Windows enrollment failures.
  • For Mac devices, make sure the device platform (macOS) is not restricted under Enrollment Restrictions (Enroll > Settings). Also, ensure that an APNs certificate is configured on the Hexnode portal. Check out the documentation for troubleshooting errors encountered during ABM enrollment. Also, have a look at the possible solutions regarding other failures during Mac enrollment.
  • For Android devices, verify that the ports 5228, 5229, and 5230 are open on the Firewall to establish the communication between the devices and the FCM. Also, check out the common errors occurring in Android Enterprise and G Suite enrollments.
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