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Common Issues in Android Enterprise

1. While enrolling the device in Device Owner mode using afw#hexnodemdm method, an error message ‘Couldn’t find your Google Account’ appears.

Error message Couldn’t find your Google Account while enrolling using afw#hexnodemdm method.

Possible Cause

This error message could occur if the pre-configured Google account has not been removed from the device before the factory reset.


Provide the previously configured Google Account credentials and reset the device. Remove the Google Account from the device and carry out the factory reset again.

2. While enrolling the organization with Android Enterprise, an error message ‘Cannot enroll organization’ with Android Enterprise appears.

Possible Cause

This error message could occur if your organization has been previously enrolled with Hexnode.


  • Navigate to Google Play Console.
  • Click on Admin Settings.
  • Your configured Organization name along with the Organization ID will be listed there.
  • Click on the ellipsis (three dot icon) near to Organization information and click Delete Organization.
  • Try re-enrolling the organization again.

Delete Organization from Google Play Console

3. While integrating G Suite with Hexnode console, an error message ‘Organization Enrollment failed’ appears.

Error message Organization Enrollment failed while configuring G Suite with Android Enterprise

Possible Cause

This could happen if any of the steps went wrong while configuring Android Enterprise using G Suite.


Ensure that

  • G Suite account’s Admin email is provided.
  • Proper Domain name is provided.
  • Correct JSON file is uploaded.
  • Correct Token is provided.

Once these details are provided, the integration will be completed automatically.

4. While setting the work profile, an error message ‘Oops! Couldn’t set up your work profile. Contact your IT department or try again later’ appears.

Error message while setting up work profile on the device.

Possible Cause

This could occur if the account creation was blocked.


Try re-enrolling the device.