WiFi Configuration on Windows Devices with Hexnode MDM

Configure WiFi security options remotely and push the password to the devices without exposing it to the employees. WiFi configurations are available on all plans from Policies tab.

  1. Select an existing policy or create a new one from Policies tab.
  2. Under Windows Settings, select WiFi.
WiFi Settings Description
Service Set Identifier Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the displayed name of a WiFi network.
Connection mode Select whether the device will automatically connect to the WiFi network (default) or the user needs to connect to it manually.
Hidden network Allow devices to connect to a non-broadcasting WiFi network. Devices are not allowed to connect to a hidden WiFi network by default.
Security type Select a security type from open (default), WEP, WPAPSK/WPA2PSK or WPA/WPA2 Enterprise. The remaining WiFi configuration option will vary with the security type.
Authentication type
(If WPAPSK/WPA2PSK or WPA/WPA2 Enterprise is selected as the security type)
Choose the authentication type from WPA (default) and WPA2. The difference between WPA (WiFi Protected Access) and WPA2 is the method of encryption used. WPA uses TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) which is a method for checking message integrity whereas WPA2 uses AES-based CCMP (based on stronger AES encryption algorithm) which is a stronger encryption protocol.
(If WPAPSK/WPA2PSK is selected as the security type)
The password required to get the device connected to the WiFi network.
EAP authentication
(If WPA/WPA2 Enterprise is selected as the security type)
Select an authentication method from EAP TLS (default) and PEAP-MSCHAPv2.
Proxy Proxy protects the device from attacks by acting as an intermediary between the device and the internet. Select None (default) to skip setting up a proxy server, select manual to set it up manually.
(If you choose to set up proxy manually)
The name or IP address of the proxy server.
(If you choose to set up proxy manually)
The port number of the proxy server. The port number is set to 0 by default.
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