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Device unresponsive to commands from MDM console

What is an unresponsive device?

Unresponsive devices are those devices that do not execute commands sent by Hexnode. The Action History of such devices might show a lot of actions in the “In Progress” state.


Not all actions might be in the “In Progress” state. Some actions might still be performed on the device even when it unresponsive.

Why is my device unresponsive to Hexnode commands and what can I do about it?

When certain actions are pushed from the Hexnode portal to the device, the device responds to the MDM server with a “NotNow” status. A couple of things can cause your device to respond with “NotNow” status.

macOS devices can respond with a “NotNow” status when:

Causes Solutions
The server sends commands (other than Lock Device, Wipe Device, Restart Device, Power Off Device, Clear Activation Lock) when the device is running on battery power in Power Nap mode. Turn off Power Nap mode.
Hexnode tries to install/remove a profile when the user’s keychain is locked. Unlock your keychain.

The following can cause iOS devices to respond with a “NotNow” status:

Causes Solutions
Hexnode sends commands when the device is locked. Unlock the device. Hexnode will reinitiate the action.
The server tries to perform an action when the device is installing an update. Once the update is installed, the action will be reinitiated.
Hexnode pushes an action when the device is installing an app Hexnode will reinitiate the action once the app is installed.