MDM Integrations

The elements that complete the MDM


Active Directory

Forget manually creating user groups according to your organization structure. Hexnode Mobility Management solution delivers true Active Directory integration to import your users, groups and OUs as such from your AD. Your AD structure can be viewed right within Hexnode MDM. You can also schedule a periodic AD sync so changes in your Active Directory will reflect on your Hexnode MDM database as well.

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Apple Deployment Programs and utilities

Hexnode MDM’s seamless integration with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) gives advanced management options to the MDM. Apple DEP enables pre configuring the iOS devices and also supervising devices over the air. Apple VPP lets enterprises to purchase apps in bulk and also distribute the licenses. The utilities such as Apple Configurator enables supervise iOS devices which are not enrolled in DEP. Hexnode lets you change the ownership of the Configurator enrolled device right from the console.


Samsung Enterprise Solution

The Samsung SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) features in Hexnode enables to implement the advanced management features in SAFE supported Samsung devices. The feature set gives a lot more management options and control to the enterprise than generic Android devices.


LG Enterprise Solution

GATE (Guarded Access to Enterprise) is the device management platform from LG that enables 3rd party MDM solutions to integrate with it to provide advanced support for LG’s GATE devices. Like SAFE, GATE equips the company to take full control of the corporate device unlike the generic Android devices.

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Kyocera Enterprise Solution

Integrating Hexnode MDM with Kyocera’s enterprise SDK enables the MDM to provide advanced support to Duraforce PRO and Duraforce XD devices. The support offered to Kyocera devices is same as in SAFE and GATE, where enterprise mobile security is of prime importance.


Other Alliances

Hexnode has formed partnership between a lot more mobile device vendors and services to incorporate advanced management solutions. Some of those vendors are Sony, Zebra, HTC etc. The advanced support for these devices will be available in near future. Also, the integration of Hexnode MDM with Android for Work will be happening sooner than later.


Custom ROM

Custom ROM flashing is a method to give Hexnode MDM complete control to the device. Making Hexnode MDM the system app in the device will give the MDM full administrative control over it. This will find its application in OEM - MDM integration so that a custom device can be made with Hexnode MDM managing it. The usual MDM implementation process like enrollment etc is not applicable here since the MDM acts as a normal system app.

Custom ROM
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