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How to fix remote view issues on Windows 10

1. “Connecting to device…” keeps showing on the Remote View window

Connecting to device error on the remote view window in Hexnode portal


The Hexnode Remote Assist app on the endpoint device is used for initiating a remote view session on the endpoint device. For the app to start a session, it will ask for end-user consent. The ‘Connecting to device’ status is shown on the portal while the consent request is sent to the device.

You might be seeing this status for an extended time when –

  • The user has not granted remote viewing permission to the app.
  • The device is not reachable.


  1. Check your firewall settings to ensure the required port (443) is open for initiating the session.
  2. Ensure the device is up and running and the user has access to this device to grant the permission.
  3. Ensure the user has granted permission to the Hexnode Remote Assist app.

2. Remote view session is terminated with “Device disconnected” status

Device disconnected status in remote view window on Hexnode portal


Certain events on the device-end can end up terminating the remote view session undesirably. Some probable cases are –

  • The device was put in Restart/Shut Down/Sleep.
  • User was logged out.
  • User revoked permission on Remote Assist.
  • The Remote Assist app process was disrupted (example: from the Task Manager).
  • Device was disconnected from the network.


  1. Ensure the device is online.
  2. Restart remote view session and grant permission.

A connection request can persist for up to 15 minutes; the user should have received the consent request and granted app permission by then. The remote view window will show the status as “Session Expired” if the attempt times out.

3. Only the ‘Entire Screen’ option is shown on Hexnode Remote Assist for screen selection

Only ‘Entire Screen’ option is shown on Hexnode Remote Assist app for screen selection

The Hexnode Remote Assist app supports the sharing of external displays connected to the same device. You may share the ‘screen’ of any one of these displays by opening the Remote View app and selecting Grant Permission > Select Screen > [Select your screen] > Done.

If you have not connected to any external display, Hexnode Remote Assist will show only one screen in the option. The option is not to share or switch between multiple desktop spaces on the Mac, the remote view will stream the active space on display by default.


The user should select the screen to be streamed before starting the remote view session. You cannot switch the screen during a remote view session.

4. It shows Grant permission on the app, even after the session is started


This issue occurs when the user has multiple instances of the Hexnode Remote Assist app open. For example, while permission was granted on an active instance, the user opens another older app instance.


Exit the app showing the obsolete status. The next time you open the app, it should show the updated status.


  • If the user selects ‘Don’t show this message again’ before accepting the remote assist prompt, the user will not have to grant permission every time a remote view session is requested. On the contrary, if the user selects the option and chooses Reject, the user will have to open the app to grant permission manually.

5. The remote view screen is flickering


This issue occurs when external displays are connected to the device, and the shared display becomes inactive.


Move the cursor to the inactive screen or perform some action on the inactive screen to solve this issue. If the problem persists, restart the session.

6. App shows multiple icons on the taskbar

Multiple icons appear on the taskbar when the app is opened multiple times on the device, starting multiple app instances. It will get fixed when the user clicks on Show hidden icon from the taskbar. The other inactive instances will be automatically closed, and the system will maintain only one active app instance.

Other Issues

Please check if the issue persists after restarting the remote view session for any other case not listed here. If the problem endures, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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