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How can end users enroll their devices in Hexnode?

Hexnode offers a wide range of device onboarding techniques ranging from minimal touch to out-of-box enrollment methods. You can enroll your Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices via Hexnode’s open or authenticated enrollment.

To enroll devices via Hexnode’s Open Enrollment,

  • Install the Hexnode MDM or Hexnode For Work (for Android Profile Owner enrollment) on your iOS and Android devices. Enter the server address or scan the QR Code (provided at Enroll > All Enrollments > Quick > QR Code – Bulk) to initiate the enrollment process. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete enrollment.


    QR Code scanning is supported only for Android devices.

  • Android Enterprise Device Owner enrollment is initiated from the devices’ welcome screen (if you have already configured the device, reset it to its factory settings). Tap on the screen six times in quick progression and scan the QR code (provided at Enroll > Platform-Specific > Android > Android Enterprise). Then, follow the on-screen procedure to complete the device enrollment.
  • In your macOS or Windows device, open the browser and enter, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the device enrollment.
  • In the case of out-of-box enrollment methods like Samsung Knox, Android ROM/OEM, Zero-touch, Apple Business/School Manager, the devices will be enrolled when the user switches on the device for the first time.

If the IT managers are enrolling their devices themselves, follow the open enrollment procedure. But if the end-users are enrolling the devices, it is best to have them authenticate their identity prior to enrollment completion.

Authenticated enrollment is similar to open enrollment. The only difference is that Hexnode will prompt the users to prove their identity by authenticating via the directory credentials (AD, Azure AD, Okta, or Google) or the pre-assigned local password. Check your email or SMS inbox for the enrollment request sent by the admin. The enrollment request includes the device onboarding instructions and other enrollment-related data. Note that if you are configured to enroll via Self-Enrollment, you will not receive an enrollment request. If no such data is received, contact your administrator and request enrollment-related data.


Admin should complete the iOS Apple Configurator enrollment before handing over the device to the end-users. It is recommended to do the same for Android Enterprise Device Owner enrollment.

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