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Hexnode License and subscription – General FAQs

1. Does Hexnode MDM license cost differs based on platform models I plan to use?

No, Hexnode MDM license cost does not depend on device platforms. They are based only on the plan you choose. Express, Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Ultra are the five pricing plans available in Hexnode MDM.

2. How to modify the specified credit card details?

Credit card details can be modified from the Subscription page under Admin > License > Upgrade/Renew.

On the subscription page, go to Payment History, where billing and payment details are displayed. You can modify your credit card details here. You can also edit the billing details, including the company name, business email, and address.

3. How do I modify my Hexnode MDM Cloud license?

Licensing information is available under Admin > License in the Hexnode MDM console. Any modifications to your MDM Cloud license can be done from the Subscription page. Click on the Change plan to modify your cloud license to Express, Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate, or Ultra. Choose the plan you are interested in and save changes. Your MDM license will be modified on completing the payment.

4. How do I know what plan of Hexnode l am using, and where do I view my licensing information?

Licensing information is available under Admin > License in the Hexnode MDM console.

You can also find the licensing information by clicking on the Billing option under the Account details at the top-right corner of the Hexnode console.

Here you can find all your subscription details. This page displays the details about your active plan, details about the licensee, the number of devices for which license is obtained, license activation date, and the next billing date.

You will be notified with a banner, “Your Hexnode MDM license will expire in x day(s)” on top of the page if your license is about to expire.

5. What happens at the end of the Hexnode MDM trial?

Hexnode MDM provides you with a 14-day trial period where you can manage devices and add technicians. Once this 14-day trial expires, you should subscribe to continue using Hexnode MDM. If you subscribe before the trial ends, the remaining days of your trial will be added to your subscription.

At the end of the trial, to subscribe with Hexnode,

  • Go to Admin > License > Subscribe.
  • You can choose a plan from the subscription page and complete the payment.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly to have your license extended or upgraded. Based on the plan you have chosen; payment can be made on monthly or yearly basis.

6. What happens if you downgrade your subscription edition in Hexnode?

When you downgrade your subscription edition (change from a higher pricing edition to a lower one), all the features specific to the higher edition will be temporarily disabled and automatically removed from the portal in the next seven days. During this period, already existing policies will continue to work on the devices unless they are deleted manually using the ‘Remove Now’ option that appears with the pop-up listing the features that are not available in your current edition. If you wish to temporarily skip the pop-up, click on the ‘I’ll do it later’ option. During these seven days, you will not be able to create new policies with the disabled features. Any attempts to change or edit the existing policies will result in removing the disabled features from the portal. However, you can still upgrade your edition to continue using them without disruption.

Downgrade subscription edition in Hexnode MDM

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