MDM Kiosk Mode

The enhanced lockdown mode for mobile devices


The perfect lockdown of iOS and Android devices

Any iOS or Android device can be configured to work in a restricted, purpose specific mode by converting it to a Kiosk. With Hexnode MDM, turning a device into a Kiosk is very simple. There are a number of additional settings and restrictions available that are specific for Kiosk mode. Kiosk mode is the perfect solution to tune the devices to perform a single task. It provides additional security to devices than when used in normal mode.

lockdown of iOS and Android

Android Kiosk features

  • Single and Multi app lock down
  • App auto launch and app icon hiding
  • Disable soft keys and physical buttons
  • Keep screen On till it’s turned off
  • Wi-Fi controls
  • Bluetooth controls
  • Location check-in for users
  • Peripheral controls - volume, brightness, flashlight
  • Push messages to users
  • Disable system bars for rooted devices

Android Kiosk features

Android Kiosk browser

  • Web based kiosk: Extent the kiosk functionality to limited web access.
  • Secure browser: Only the web apps or whitelisted URLs can be accessed with the Kiosk browser.
  • URL blacklisting: The blacklisted URLs can be prevented from access making other sites free to be explored.
  • Multi tab browsing: The kiosk browser allows opening up multiple tabs for each web app.
  • Android Kiosk browser

    iOS Kiosk features

    • Single app lockdown: Restrict device to run only on one single app or website. No other controls can be accessed in the single app mode.
    • Multiple app lockdown: With the whitelisting feature that is available from iOS 9.3 onwards, the device can be restricted to a few whitelisted apps without going to kiosk mode.

    iOS Kiosk features
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