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MDM kiosk mode

Lockdown Android, iOS, Windows devices and Apple TVs

Hexnode brings all your devices to a single platform

Here is what your kiosks can do with Hexnode:

Android + Hexnode Android Kiosk and iOS Kiosk

Android + Hexnode

  • Configure peripheral settings that can be used to attain granular control over device functionalities such as disabling software/hardware keys, system bars, network connectivity and more.
  • Define background applications that are whitelisted on the device but cannot be accessed directly by the user, as the icons are hidden.
  • Hexnode’s native PDF viewer and Video Player lets the user view PDF and video files without a third-party player being whitelisted.
  • Convert your Android devices into advertisement and branding kiosks with Hexnode’s Digital Signage capabilities.
iOS + Hexnode iOS + Hexnode

iOS + Hexnode

  • Apart from the generic single app mode, Hexnode supports autonomous single app mode which runs an application in the foreground by suppressing every other application. The application exits automatically once its purpose is served.
  • Hexnode’s iOS Kiosk Browser elevates control that the admin has when locking down devices to access single or multiple websites.
  • With Hexnode, the admin has more control over kiosk-related functionalities such as disabling the back button, clearing cache, setting a time for periodic refresh and more.

Secure browsing with Hexnode

Android Kiosk Browser Android Kiosk Browser and iOS Kiosk Browser

Android Kiosk Browser

  • Hexnode’s Android Kiosk Browser is designed with security in mind. The Hexnode Browser lets the admin configure settings and restrictions which are not configurable on other browsers.
  • The admin can define regulated access to a handful of websites with whitelisting.
  • Hexnode Browser supports single tab and multi-tabbed browsing configurations.
iOS Kiosk Browser iOS Kiosk Browser

iOS Kiosk Browser

  • With Hexnode’s native iOS Kiosk Browser the enterprise can have maximum control over its devices, locked down as web app kiosks. Web apps can be configured and deployed directly from your Hexnode portal.
  • Apart from granting access to web apps, the admin can also whitelist URLs that can be accessed within the web app.