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Error when adding XAPK file as an enterprise app

An XAPK file is a package used to install applications on Android devices. It differs from an APK file in that it contains an OBB file with additional app data and a manifest.json file. The manifest.json file contains the complete information about the app included in the XAPK file. Using Hexnode UEM, you can remotely deploy an enterprise app using an XAPK file on your Android devices.

This doc deals with the various possible errors that you might encounter when adding XAPK files as enterprise apps in the Hexnode portal.

1) “XAPK doesn’t contain a base apk file”


An error “XAPK doesn’t contain a base apk file” is shown as the reason for failure on the app details page of the enterprise app uploaded using an XAPK file.

XAPK doesn’t contain a base apk file error displayed in the app upload details window in Hexnode UEM


This error occurs if the base APK file, defined in the manifest.json file, is missing in the uploaded XAPK file.


Verify that a base APK is present in the XAPK file before re-uploading it to the Hexnode portal again.

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