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Hexnode Access

Introduce seamless user login experience

What is Hexnode Access?


IAM using Hexnode – The complete guide to manage access

Add an additional layer of security & customization


Seamless User Login

After selecting the identity provider (Microsoft Entra ID or Google Workspace), admins no longer need to manually set up accounts in advance. Users can just use their cloud credentials to log in.


Privileged Access

Grant access to individual users or specific user groups to use their cloud credentials to login. Additionally, you can also tailor the privileges of these users for more enhanced control.


Add Custom Settings

Personalize login appearance to match your brand’s aesthetics with custom background. Add help links for users, manage network access and set up scripts to be launched during login.


Set Password Baselines

Ensure users always log in with their latest cloud credentials by leveraging your identity provider's password management functionality.