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Script to get Application User Model ID (AUMID) of installed apps

To set up kiosk, you need to obtain the Application User Model ID (AUMID) of the installed applications on the device. Simplify this process by utilizing the provided Windows PowerShell script in this document, which can be efficiently distributed to multiple devices using the Execute Custom Script feature.


The sample scripts provided below are adapted from third-party open-source sites.

PowerShell script

The script below retrieves the application user model IDs (AUMIDs) for applications stored in specific locations on the system. It searches for AUMIDs in the directories C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\*, C:\Windows\SystemApps\*, and C:\Windows\*.

The script iterates through each application folder and locates the AppxManifest.xml file within it. It extracts the AUMID information from the “Application” nodes in the XML file. If an AUMID is found, it is combined with the corresponding application name and added to a dictionary.

Finally, the script displays the dictionary entries, showing the application names and their corresponding AUMIDs using the Name and Value properties.


  • It is recommended to manually validate the script execution on a system before executing the action in bulk.
  • Hexnode will not be responsible for any damage/loss to the system on the behavior of the script.

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