MDM Policy

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Precisely define password-policies

  Device passwords are the first line of defense against unauthorized access. Passcode MDM Policy management capabilities allow you clearly define password policies for the user devices and in compliance with the enterprise policies and regulations. Choose from an extensive set of password requirements viz. password length, complexity, timeout periods, password expiration and retry limits. Devices which fail to meet these requirements will be deemed non-compliant. You'll receive instant alerts about non-compliance so you can take quick remedial actions.
password policy

Seamlessly configure devices

   Providing users access to network and email without revealing the credentials is no simple task. This gets more complicated in case of a BYOD device. Hexnode MDM helps you accomplish this precisely. Policy based auto configuration eliminates the hassles of configuring each device manually. You can easily create a policy with the required Wi-Fi, email or VPN settings and apply it on a device or group. Email and Networks will be automatically set up without user intervention. Configurations can also be removed easily when the user leaves or the device is retired.  
configure devices

Securely restrict devices

   Restrict device functionalities when you need. Say, you want to enforce certain access controls or application restrictions on a bunch of devices. All you need to do is to add these devices to a group, attach a policy with the desired restrictions and voila, specific features you chose are automatically disabled on all the devices. You can also set up countless device limitations and enforce restrictions on camera, YouTube, Safari and a host of other applications.
policy restrictions

Effectively target MDM policies

 While associating the policies you have set up, you don't have to routinely link every target user or device. Instead, you can easily associate your policies to a device group, user group or even an AD domain. Policy mapping accurately shows you how policies are linked to each of these target users, devices or groups. You can also associate multiple policies without having to worry about conflicts, Hexnode MDM automatically applies the most restrictive settings.  
policy management in mdm
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