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How do policies work for Hexnode MDM? How do I set them up? Disable them?

A policy is a set of configurations and restrictions designed to manage and secure devices enrolled in Hexnode MDM. Enterprises need to implement an effective MDM policy to monitor their devices and ensure that their employees are using them on the right track.

Hexnode MDM has a multitude of policy configurations and restrictions for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Apple TVs. The admin can associate these policies to devices, users, groups, or domains with zero user intervention.

With Hexnode, you can associate a single policy to define configurations for all device platforms. The settings specific for a platform will be automatically attached to the devices on that platform.

Hexnode allows you to automatically attach policies to newly added devices that satisfy pre-defined conditions. You can assign multiple policies to a device. If the same configurations from different policies are attached to a device, Hexnode automatically assigns the most restrictive configuration to that device. You can also check the integrity of these policies on your devices using regular compliance checks.

You can create, modify, clone, archive, or delete a policy. You can also create templates for policies in advance.

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