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Troubleshooting App Installation errors in tvOS devices

  1. VPP apps are shown to be in the ‘Initiated’ status for a long time.
    VPP app installation stucked in initiated state for a long time

    Cause: The device might not support the deployed app version. In such cases, Hexnode tries to install the supported version of the app. It might be the cause of the delay.

    Resolution: Scan the device to get the updated status of app installation.

  2. Unable to uninstall specific apps on the devices.
    The gear icon is missing for certain apps.
    The Applications tab of a device lists all the apps installed on it. The gear icon displayed corresponding to each app helps perform app-based actions, including app uninstallation. However, this gear icon will be missing for unmanaged apps (apps not installed via Hexnode). Hence, you cannot initiate uninstallation for such apps.

    Resolution: Unmanaged apps can be uninstalled only from the device end. To uninstall the app from the device, go to Settings > General > Manage Storage > click the trash icon next to the required app name.

  3. Installed apps ask for a passcode when the user tries to access them.

    Cause: Allow All Apps permission must be granted to access the apps without entering the passcode. This restriction, if applied, requires the user to authenticate before they can access them.
    You can permit the user to access the apps by allowing the apps from Settings on the Apple TV.

    1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions on the Apple TV.
    2. Enter the passcode.
    3. Select Apps > Allow All Apps.
  4. App installation fails with the error, “App installation failed! Ad Hoc provisioning requires the device to be pre-registered with its UDID. Add the device to the provisioning profile and re-upload the app to the inventory before re-initiating the app installation.”
    Error message shown when the installation of enterprise app fails

    Cause: The IPA file uploaded to the Hexnode app inventory is incorrect.

    Resolution: Since both iOS and tvOS enterprise apps have IPA files, it is easy to mix them up. Hence, verify that you have uploaded the IPA file for Apple TV.

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