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How can I exit kiosk mode on Android without a pin?

On Android devices, there are no feasible ways to bypass kiosk mode from the device-end without entering the exit passcode. However, you can revoke kiosk mode remotely from the Hexnode MDM console.

Here are a few methods by which you can remotely exit from kiosk mode via the Hexnode portal.

  1. Remote action: Disable kiosk mode is an instantaneous remote action that disables the Kiosk Lockdown policy associated with the device. However, the kiosk policy remains associated with the device, and it can be re-enabled by initiating ‘Enable Kiosk Mode’ remote action on the device.
  2. Remove the device from Policy Targets: Removing the device from the list of policy targets disassociates it from the Kiosk Lockdown policy. The device is exited from the Kiosk as the policy will no longer be associated with it.
  3. Remove the policy from the device: This is an alternative method to remove the Kiosk Lockdown policy applied to the device from the device summary page.
  4. Archive the policy: Archiving a policy temporarily removes it from the list of active policies. It disassociates all the target devices and hence all the devices exit from kiosk mode. Later, the policy can be restored from Archived Policies together with all the settings which were configured earlier.

Devices require network connectivity for these methods to take effect.

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