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How to enroll Apple TVs in Hexnode

Apple TVs are becoming a significant entity in Enterprises. Hexnode supports the management of Apple TVs with a set of easy enrollment methods. Apple TV can be enrolled in two ways:

  1. Apple Configurator Enrollment
  2. ABM Enrollment

Before enrolling an Apple TV, please make sure to
configure APNs certificate on your Hexnode portal.

Apple Configurator Enrollment

Apple Configurator is a macOS tool which can be used to configure and deploy supported Apple devices. It requires a USB connection between the Mac and the device to be managed.


  • An AppleTV with tvOS 10.2 or higher.
  • A macOS device with the latest version of Apple Configurator.
  • Make sure the Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi or ethernet connection.


Follow the steps below to enroll Apple TV to Hexnode using Apple Configurator:

Step 1: Assigning a user
  1. In the Hexnode portal go-to Enroll > Platform – Specific > tvOS > Apple Configurator.
  2. Assign a user from Select User option and click Save.


You can change the assigned user from Manage > Device > Actions > Change Owner

Step 2: Creating Wi-Fi profile in Apple Configurator
  1. Go to File and select New Profile or ⌘N on keyboard.
  2. Select Wi-Fi and click on Configure.
  3. Fill in the required fields and click Save.

Step 3: Creating a Blueprint in Apple Configurator
  1. Go to Blueprints and select Edit Blueprints.
  2. Click on New from the bottom left and enter a name for the blueprint.
  3. Select the blueprint and click on the Add button (located on top of the Configurator) and choose Profiles and select the Wi-Fi profile that was created in previous step. Alternately right click on the blueprint and click on Add and choose Profile to add the Wi-Fi profile.
  4. Select the blueprint and click on Prepare button on top of the Configurator or right click on the blueprint and select Prepare.
  5. Select Manual configuration > Supervise devices, to supervise the device, and click Next.
  6. Select New Server and click Next.
  7. Specify a name and input the URL which can be found in Enroll > Platform – Specific > tvOS > Apple Configurator and click on Next.
  8. To create a new organization select the New Organization option from the drop-down menu and click Next.
  9. Choose to Sign-in to device enrollment program by entering an Apple ID or select Skip.
  10. Enter the information of your organization and then select Next.
  11. Select Generate a new supervision identity and click Next.
  12. Select the steps to be shown to the user and click Prepare.
  13. Enter user credentials and the blueprint is prepared.

Step 4: Applying Blueprint to the Apple TV
    1. Connect the Apple TV to the Mac running Apple Configurator.
      Connect the Mac running Apple Configurator and the Apple TV by pairing them over a network.
      1. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices.
      2. On your Mac, open Apple Configurator 2.
      3. From the Apple Configurator 2 menu, choose the Paired Devices option.
      4. From the search results, click Pair next to your Apple TV.
      5. Enter the 6-digit pin that appears on the screen of your Apple TV.
      6. Select your Apple TV in the device window of Apple Configurator.


      The Mac and Apple TV should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

enroll apple tvs in hexnode mdm

  1. Select the previously created blueprint from the Blueprints option on the top of Configurator and click Apply. You have successfully enrolled your Apple TV in Hexnode.

You can find the installed profile in AppleTV from Settings > General > Device Management:

ABM enrollment

Apple Business Manager was introduced by Apple to help Business and Educational organizations deploy Apple devices. Using ABM, a brand-new Apple device can be enrolled in Hexnode without a technician ever touching it. After the devices have been enrolled in Hexnode you can apply DEP policies via Hexnode portal.


  • tvOS 10.2 or later
  • The device must have been ordered after March 1, 2011, whether it was purchased directly from Apple or from a participating Apple Authorized Reseller or carrier.
  • If the device was purchased directly from Apple, the purchaser must have used an enrolled and verified Apple Customer Number.
  • If the device was purchased directly from a participating Apple Authorized Reseller or carrier, the device must be linked to that reseller’s DEP ResellerID. The actual date of eligibility is determined by the participating Apple Authorized Reseller or carrier sales’ history.


Here is how to enroll Apple TVs in Hexnode via ABM:

  1. Navigate to Apple Business Manager page and log–in with your account.
  2. Complete the two-step verification.
  3. From Device Assignments select Serial Number, Order Number or Upload via CSV and input the details.
  4. Under Perform Actions select Assign to Server.
  5. Under MDM Servers select the server integrated with Hexnode.
  6. Click Done.

The device is now ready for deployment.


    • The organization should be enrolled in

Apple Business Manager